Hello September !

This is truly a season for transformation

Feng Shui

Looking to create a positive chi in your home? or want a home that complements your energy and personality?

Your environment has a profound impact on your personal growth, career, family, relationships, prosperity, wealth and moods. You can begin to feel happier and more balanced in your life by just changing your furniture, or moving it around, adding colors, and adding specific elements in your home. Feng Shui your home is a transformation life changing experience. Whether you live in a house, apartment, or condominium, all of these types of spaces can be evaluated. It does not matter whether you own or rent your home; you are living in the space so it is affecting you.

The good news is that a telephone consultation is not only possible, it’s much more practical. I can give you an accurate, detailed assessment of your space and feng shui guidance about how to maximize your home for wealth, good health and happy relationships. You will be provided with a complete analysis of your home and all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. This comprehensive analysis will reveal both long term and short term effects that your home is having on you and how to prevent future problems and remedy unpreventable ones.

When should you have a feng shui home consultation?

  • When you are buying a new home. This is a pivotal time to understand just how this house can influence your life once you move in.
  • When you get married or move in with a roommate or partner.
  • When you have a baby.
  • At the New Year. Why not start it off in a new direction instead of the same one you were going in last year?
  • After a major life change, such as divorce, death, or birthday milestone.
  • If you feel like you are in a rut with your life, like you are “stuck.” You might be amazed at how a feng shui consultation can show you how your house is holding you down!
  • If you are not meeting the level of success and personal happiness you desire.
  • When you’ve experienced a sudden change in fortunes, such as job loss, relationship difficulty, financial loss.
  • If you are planning to build a new home or renovate a current one
  • If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your home or doing some kind of major landscaping project.

Join our online group classes! Classes starting Sept 9th

Online Webinar Group Classes

6 Week Design Your Amazing Future

In the six week of this coaching program you will get assistance in choosing your ultimate, awesome future by deliberately choosing it , designing it and working with each aspect of your life to complete your whole entire life. We will look at your body, finances, career, relationships, social life, spiritual connection and the connection to your belief system and the removal of blockages that maybe holding you back from having an awesome life.

Are you ready your life is waiting for you!

4 Week Attracting Your Soul Mate

This program is to assist you in attracting your soul mate. This can be a person you want to attract into your life, someone who will enhance who you are, connect with you on a level of source love and soul love. The coaching program is based on the law of attraction. In order to attract your ideal partner, soul mate you need to become what you attract. This program will help your energy field and raise your vibration on a high level and offer process so you can attract a loving partner, deep and lasting friendships or even a child before conception. It will make you feel connected to you so you can attract who you want to attract.

6 Week Happy New You

The Happy New You 6 week Program is an amazing transformational audio program that is designed just for women. This audio program is an amazing program to help the sleeping Goddess to wake up to her true self love potential and unleash her divine power out to the universe. In the 6 weeks you will work on creating your designed future, the future that you have always wanted and deserved. You will look inside your heart and soul so your outer reality can change with your choices and decisions based on your hearts desires. With this program you will receive a downloadable workbook and journal to assist you in your journey.

Are you ready to take action and live the life you deserve?

If you want to unlock your true potential, move forward to the life you deserve, gain more self confidence, more self esteem then this program is for you!


Lasting Change Coaching Program

one on one coaching will assist you in reaching your dreams and to your higher self and to your true authentic divine you! You are an abundant being and the Universe is abundant and it’s unfortunate sometimes we are programmed to think in lack, resistance and negativity.

Your package is designed around you! I will help you get to your next level in your life of becoming abundant in all areas and to believe and have faith that you can have what you truly want. You will be inspired by the transformation of you on this journey of creating lasting change and live life with more Love Passion and Joy!

Whats included in your coaching program!

  • First Initial discovery session is free
  • 2 hour goal setting session; really discover the what and why’s to creating the life you truly desire
  • Four coaching calls per month over 6 month period
  • Email support as much as needed over the 6 month period
  • Free Journal
  • Two 60 minute coaching session to assess your goals
  • Monthly payment plans are available (please contact for details)
  • 10$ off other coaching programs
  • Monthly updates, newsletters, video tips, freebies and so much more
  • One on One coaching either through telephone or Skype