Greetings from The Administration Team at Montclair Elementary School,

Parents, we would like to thank you for your involvement while we have transitioned into Face-to-Face Learning. We speak for the entire staff at Montclair when we say we are thrilled to have our students back with us from a well-needed break. We want to remind and emphasize some vital components to have a smooth journey toward the end of the school year.

First, as stated previously, completing the symptom is required for all students who are Face-to-Face. The staff needs our families to have the screener completed before arrival at school. Parents who drop off their students in the morning, please make sure that after you complete the screener, you take a screenshot of it and have it out and ready to be check by a staff member. We understand that this can be tedious; however, it allows for drop-off in the morning to go smoother. Please know that each staff member has to complete this same process showing up to work, so we understand your frustration. To ensure that drop-off is smooth, we need you all to help us. Please check Classdojo and be on the lookout for a daily reminder via Parentlink because the Administration Team will be sending the link to help families access it quickly. Additionally, no student can be dropped off at school before 8:00 AM, pending permission from the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Parents with students who ride the school bus will need to complete the screener before getting on the school bus. Constant failure to complete the screener may result in a bus rider losing their transportation privileges. Additionally, please stress that failure to adhere to the Health Services guidelines for riding the school bus could lead to a temporary suspension of bus privileges. Please understand that we do not want to inconvenience any of our families. Still, we must protect all of our students' safety.

Lastly, Powerschool is a vital resource for our families. This allows parents to be kept up to date with their child's information, including grades, attendance, teacher's comments, and transportation. Any families who need help with gaining access to their child's PowerSchool account will need to contact our Data Manager, Ms. McIntrye

As always, If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for administrators, please feel free to click on our Webex linked to this page's bottom. If not, we encourage you to have a Terrific Tuesday.

Principal-Stephanie Wall Powell

Assistant Principal-Darius B.Gillespie

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Our Mission

Montclair Elementary School provides an environment that encourages our students' growth and development.

We are committed to:

  • The enhancement of positive character traits
  • Achievement of academic excellence
  • Awareness of physical fitness

The faculty and staff invite you to be our partner in our journey toward greatness.