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Why Should I Compare Solar Panels

Shopping for solar panels can be a daunting task, especially for those of us who lack the technical experience to deal with electricity, energy calculations, installations and fixtures, and all that technical jargon that comes with it. To most of us, all those solar panels just look the same and that begs the question, “why should I compare solar panels?” Here are a few very important reasons why you should.


Your energy needs cannot be the same as those of someone else or for another household. Therefore, solar panels come in different sizes with different capacities to cater for all ranges of needs. There are companies like CompareMySolar who have online tools that help you figure out what exactly you require in terms of solar panel output. They take into consideration factors such as lighting needs, electronic appliances, number of rooms, and whether you are on-grid or autonomous. Once you have an approximate output, you can better gauge what number of solar panels you may need to purchase and their power-generating capacities.


Solar panels do not work alone to power your home and business. There are components that together with the panels make up a complete kit. These components include batteries, inverters, monitors, mountings, and trackers. Most times, it is better to use products of the same brand. This may validate warranties, get you discount offers, and ensure your solar kit operates at optimum levels for longer. However, it should be noted that most solar components are compatible with each other.


You should compare solar panels in terms of what is available within your locality. Shipping products from far off places may result in excessive shipping charges and damage. It is also advisable to deal with a local provider or merchant who will do the installations, carry out any necessary repairs, honor any warranties and guarantees, make upgrades when required, and offer other after sales services.


Solar panels differ in prices due to their different output levels, different brands, countries of origin, installation requirements, your proximity to the merchants or distributors, and availability of components among other things. Therefore, you should compare solar panel prices to ensure you plan within your budget allocation. You should take time to compare how much it will cost you against how much the panels will save you in energy consumption bills. Keep in mind that since most panels are guaranteed to operate at optimum levels for at least 20 years, it is okay if it takes 10 years for the savings to pay off the costs.


Many home owners resist installing solar panels as they think the panels spoil the view created by their building’s architecture. There are solar panels that blend in well with your roof’s shape, color scheme, and design. You should compare them and find what works for you. You may also opt to install the panels in your yard or garden. Or use the thin film panels which are more flexible compared to the silicon panels