Windsor Clubs


Club Opportunities

Here is a list of this year's Windsor clubs and club sponsors. Sponsors will share club opportunities in different ways: through morning announcements, lunchtime sign-ups, our weekly school updates, etc. We will continue to update key information as needed.

Chess Club

Sponsor: Windsor PTA

  • All students
  • After school on Fridays
  • See schedule
  • Fee

Green Team

Sponsor: Windsor PTA
  • Grades 1-5
  • During lunch recess
  • September-May
  • Sign Up has begun

Wildcat Council

Teacher Sponsors: Ms. Hartfield and Ms. Higgins

Wildcat Council is a leadership/student council club. Students identify problems in our school and work on solving those issues. We also pick a community problem each trimester to help improve. Our club's purpose is to have the students become more aware of problems in their community, problem solve those issues, and educate their peers to cause change.

  • Grades 3-5

  • Sign up has begun

  • Meeting times to be announced

Geography "Geo" Bee

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Pinski

Geo Bee is a contest club opportunity. Study groups are formed and students have an opportunity to learn/practice in preparation for a culminating school Geo Bee contest in January.

  • Grades 4-5
  • Begins November through January
  • School Geo Bee in January

Community Builders

Teacher Sponsors: Ms. Hartfield and Mrs. Impasato

Community Builders is a large scale structured recess time that occurs once a month. It provides all grades 1-5 students an opportunity to participate in group recess activities to promote more socialization, play, and fun for all!

  • Grades 1-5
  • Sign ups will begin soon in school

Fifth Grade Dance

Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. Impasato
  • Grade 5
  • After school for 30 minutes
  • Sign up's will begin in school

Video Announcements

Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. Briggs

  • Grade 5
  • 15 minutes at the beginning of the school day
  • Sign up's were in the spring. Contact Mrs. Briggs at if you are interested in joining!

Technology "Tech" Captains

Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. Briggs
  • Grades 3-5
  • Once a month October-May
  • Before school 8:15 AM to 8:50 AM
  • Sign up's will begin soon

Art Club

Teacher Sponsors: Mrs. Kohnen and Mrs. Welzenbach
  • Grades 3-5
  • Sign up's and permission slips have been distributed
  • 4th and 5th graders will meet every Thursday. First meeting date will be 9.19.19 in the Windsor art room.
  • 3rd graders will meet every Tuesday and the first meeting date will be 9.17.19.
  • September-December (first session)
  • One hour after school from 3:35 PM to 4:35 PM.

Coding Club

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Lewis

Coding club will be on Wednesday's after school from 3:35-4:35. There will be a fall and a winter session. She will let students know of the first date along with permission slips will get sent home.

Drama Club

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Lewis

More information coming...

Kidz News

Teacher Sponsors: Ms. Loch and Ms. Pustai

Kidz News is our school newspaper club.

  • Grades 4-5

  • We meet twice a month on Tuesdays from 3:45 PM-4:30 PM in the LMC.

  • We have a Weebly site where we post the kids' articles.

Sewing Club

Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. Angelus
  • Grade 5

  • Once a month for an hour after school

  • All materials are either donated or provided from home.

  • We do a project each month and students learn basic hand sewing skills and are introduced to machine basics.

  • Sign up's will begin soon!

Noetic Learning

Teacher Sponsor: Mrs. Stella

This is a math contest opportunity for grades 2-5.

  • Grades 4-5 study and compete in the fall.

  • Grades 2-3 study and compete in the spring.

  • The math contests for each group will be after school.

  • Sign up information will be shared in school.