KVMS 7 White Newsletter

January 2016

Language Arts

This is an exciting time in Language Arts class! Students are currently working toward creating their first piece of realistic fiction! We have been working hard to create plots and characters that are facing some kind of conflict, while adding description to make our stories come to life for our readers.

While the initial planning of stories was completed independently, students will be working with their peers more frequently as class is transformed into a writer’s workshop. This means that class will begin every day with a brief mini-lesson focused on a particular skill intended to strengthen student writing, while the majority of the time in class will be devoted to writing and conferencing with other student writers.

While writers often begin the writing process with a sense of the message they want to convey, it is always important to check in with our audience from time to time to see how our work is being received. This will give students valuable insight and help them decide upon revisions to be made.

Students are also reading a new book independently for their literature circles. This is a book students indicated as being one of their top three choices. Students will meet with their discussion group three times during the quarter to analyze the text, and note the way the author has developed realistic characters and a sound plot. Thinking of the text in this way will serve them well as they continue to write their own creative pieces. I am looking forward to hearing the rich conversations that are sure to take place as students dive into the literature!

In Mrs. McCrea's Language Arts class, we will be finishing up A Long Walk to Water very soon. Then follow with writing realistic fiction and a new novel, Home of the Brave, a narrative poem.


We have started Unit 3 Topic 1, writing and solving equations. There will be a few more opportunities for grades before the marking period ends. I signed all the students up for Khan Academy and gave them their usernames and passwords. Khan Academy is a great website for practicing math and becoming a better math student. It is not required that students work on Khan Academy. It should be used as a place to get extra practice. We started using Desmos before the break and we will continue to do a few more Desmos activities throughout the year. The kids did a great job with the activities and were really excited.

Algebra ~ We have started chapter 5. Chapter 5 continues working with linear equations and the students learn more forms of linear equations. We will have a chapter test before the month ends. We started using Desmos before the break and we will continue to do a few more Desmos activities this chapter. The kids did a great job with the activities and were really excited. It was fun to see them working with math, being challenged, and having fun. We will continue to use Desmos as a tool in math class.


In Science students have been working on learning about the differences and similarities of organisms in the domain Eukarya. To investigate the plant kingdom, students had the opportunity to take a trip to Meetinghouse Road Park across the street from KV. Students observed plants in the natural habitat and collected samples to be classified back in the classroom. After learning about the classification levels of plants, we tried our hands at growing bean plants for our annual Bean Lab Experiment. Students needed to determine which type of water would grow the beans the best from fresh water, salt water and acidic water. Most students hypothesized that fresh water would grow the beans the best and our data supported their hypotheses. In addition to growing beans, this lab helped students focus on the proper format of writing a formal lab report; a skill which will be needed throughout their academic career. Our most current unit is focused on viruses, bacteria, protists and fungi. Students greatly enjoyed using the micro-viewers to observe these microscopic particles and organisms in more detail. Our next unit will focus on the animal kingdom and will include exciting new projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Social Studies

What a fun, entertaining, and informative time we’ve had so far in Social Studies class! We concluded our “Colonial Unit” with student performances of colonial commercials aimed at convincing people to move to the American Colonies. We are now excited and looking forward to studying the American Revolution. Our focus will be on the rising tension between England and her colonies in the 1700's as well as the causes and events leading up to the revolution. This unit will incorporate an in-depth study of revolutionary documents such as Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence as well as an overview of the battles of the American Revolution. We have spent some quality time with “primary source documents” and will be using and analyzing them throughout this unit.

It is extremely important that your child continues to spend time each night reviewing the work we did in class that day. This will help him/her absorb and retain new information so that they can demonstrate mastery on any assessment, whether a quiz, test, project, or pop quiz. It will also allow them to feel confident in their ability to participate in class discussions, debates, and lessons.

As the marking period progresses, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns or even just to touch base and say "Hi”! The easiest way to contact me is through e-mail: (nmcclure@hatboro-horsham.org). I will respond as soon as I possibly can. Please also check the team website and Edmodo for information concerning long-term assignments, projects, and our progress in class.

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December Pacesetter - Maggie O'Neill

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January Pacesetter - Marco Marrero

Students of the Month for December and January

Congratulations to...... Maggie O'Neil, 7 White's December Pacesetter, AND Marco Marrero, 7 White's January Pacesetter. Both Maggie and Marco have shown how to set the PACE at KV. Maggie and her family attended a special breakfast on December 22nd to honor her commitment to being personally, academically and civically excellent. Marco and his family will be invited to attend the Pacesetter breakfast on January 27, 2016 to honor his commitment to PACE.

Upcoming Events

KV K'nex Assembly - Matt Bellace - 1/14

KVHSA Meeting - 1/14 @ 7:00 p.m.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance- 1/18 - District Closed

KV Musical - 1/21-23 @ 7:30 p.m.

Pacesetter Breakfast - 1/27

Records Day - No School for Students - 2/3

Early Dismissal - 2/11

President's Weekend - No School for Students - 2-12 and 2/15

HAPPY NEW YEAR! From the Teachers of 7 White