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Here at doTERRA, we are committed to educating and providing affordable lifestyle change for the world. We encourage people to immerse into our plant-based, natural lifestyle by providing products at a discount for our committed members. There are many avenues to save money through our different promotion and share programs. Whether you are looking to have your oils paid for, earn a little extra cash, or replace your current income, doTERRA provides the support and tools to help you reach your goals!

Where to Get Started

Congratulations on your interest in becoming a Wellness Advocate! We are apart of the movement of healers around the globe looking to educate our communities on how to live a more healthy, abundant life, naturally! Check out our mission statement here.

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1. Click on the Join and Save Button

2. Select your language of choice

3. Select the Wholesale Prices membership

4. Complete the enrollment form

5. Select an enrollment kit - (these kits wave the 35$ enrollment fee and are offered at a discount to get new members started with a collection they can learn to love. We recommend the Natural Solutions Kit. This package includes the most popular oils, a case, a full months vitamin supply, diffuser and more :). Please message us here with any questions about enrollment kit options.

6. Confirm your order!


enrollment website - mydoterra.com/bigfishwellness

questions and feedback -brittany.raeanne.edgar@gmail.com

phone - (631) 721-5448

website/community - facebook.com/bigfishwellness

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