MS. Wells 7th Grade Math Class

Differentiated Instruction

Welcome to Ms. Alecia Wells' 7th grade Math Class! I am very excited about having your child in my class this year! I feel that differentiated instruction is very important. Differentiation is a way of teaching where the teacher can reach each student's learning style. Differentiation is needed so that all students have a fair chance of learning. Differentiating instruction allows the teacher to forge strong connections between the content and the students and improves student learning( Hackett and Hasty 2012).

In order to be an effective teacher I believe you must be able to deal with different learning styles. I will use appealing teaching styles for my students.I will go above and beyond to make sure that each child has equal opportunity to have mastered each lesson. I will make each child feel secure and cared about and will provide them all with a constructive atmosphere in which learning is conducive. Universal Design for Learning (UDL), will be practiced so that all students have access to the same curriculum. UDL accommodates learning differences by encouraging teachers to plan ahead for the widest range of student abilities, minimizing the need for adaptations later on.(Puckett 2013)


Several units will be covered throughout the year. There are about 4-6 lessons in each unit. Many resources will be used to cover each unit including: Promethean board, computers and books. In a quality class, the teacher performs assessment before the learning takes place(Chapman and King). There will be a pre-test before every unit to reveal the background knowledge base of the students(Chapman and King). There will be a lesson quiz after two lessons, followed by a unit test upon the completion of each unit. Every student is expected to master every skill. Accommodations and modifications are given when needed. If a content is not understood, I strongly encourage my students to ask questions. I want them to feel comfortable enough to call for help when needed. No student should feel like he or she cannot come to me for help. All students are given the same opportunity to be successful.