Kirsty Mckay

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The setting takes place at a military hospital were there are four kids who are trapped inside surrounded by zombies.

there trying to come up with a plan to escape but there trying to find some information or a map or something so they can escape without turning into zombies.

Main Characters

Bobby is the main character in the book shes been in a comma for about six weeks.

Other characters

Martha was the first person Bobby saw

What characters did you like/dislike?

I like bobby she's a girl she has a best friend who is always making her mad and i have a friend like that.

What happened at the beginning off the story

At the beginning of the story bobby just woke up from her comma and saw Martha.Martha told bobby that only 4 people survived.Martha gave her something and bobby went to sleep but bobby didn't want to go to sleep. When bobby woke up zombies where trying to break the door bobby tried to block the door but the zombies got through bobby tried going up in the air vent and when she was in the air vent she saw Alice she survived the crash.

What happened in the middle of the story?

in the middle there are 4 guys who shot them and they didn't hit them but there were other survivors only 3 but the guys that were shooting the teens but the shooters killed them that's when they noticed they weren't good guys

What happened at the end of the story?

There are these soldiers working for Xanthro who wants bobby's mom and the antidote

What was the problem in the story was it solved?

The problem of the story was that there are these teenagers looking for an exit in a military hospital but they still haven't found a exit.

What did learn from this story?

is better to work together than alone.

Theme/Main Idea

Work together and you can accomplish any thing.

Do you like this story?

I liked this story because it had things that wouldn't happen in real life.
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