Neo-Nazi Activities

Alyssa Garrett-7th


Neo-Nazis are everyday citizens that support Adolf Hitler. They share many of the same beliefs with the Nazis. One of those beliefs is that the prior actions of Hitler were for the "good of the world." They have a common hatred for Jews, gays, lesbians, and Christians. Although they dislike many groups the Jews are the main enemy.

Reasons And Goals

Neo-Nazis want to make Adolf Hitler a hero, and by doing so they hope to get rid of the Jews. Another motivation is to influence the citizens of the world that the Holocaust never happened. However, some groups just want to encourage people that Hitler had the best intentions and helped the future to be better. Immigration is a major inspiration for the protests. The reason for this is during the Holocaust many Jews escaped to the protection of another country through immigration.

Forms of Protest

Many Neo-Nazi groups go the peaceful way of protesting by walking the streets, carrying flags, and announcing their opinions. However, many choose to go a very brutal way of voicing their opinions. For example, a group beheaded two men in front of a swastika flag and posted it online. The men associated were later arrested. Lately many groups have been targeting gay minors using social media as bait. They eventually ask to meet up and will abuse them, both physically and emotionally.

Third Reich

The Third Reich describes the Nazi authority in Germany from 1933 to 1945. All of the culture, the schooling, the economy, and the laws were under their control. The Neo-Nazis want to have all of the control as they once had. If they had this power the economy would surely fall. They would be able to prohibit any Jewish beliefs and stop any gay or lesbians. It would be the holocaust all over again but more advanced.


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Interesting Facts

1. The most evident Neo-Nazi group is the national alliance.

2. Holocaust denial is banned in Europe.

3. Austria has major accounts of Nazism because Nazis fled there after the holocaust.

4. The Neo-Nazis in the United States defend their actions with the first amendment of the constitution. This allows them to protest and post anything the would like.

5. Russia has about 60,000 Neo-Nazi Supporters. That is over half in the world.

6. Neo-Nazis are more fortunate, or successful, in low-income areas.


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Neo Nazi Rally Sparks Outrage, Violence


Neo-Nazi groups can be brutal or peaceful, but no matter their way of achieving their goal they are trying to repeat an entire problem. They have many enemies but are mainly concerned with the Jews. Nazism is still a world-wide problem that all countries face. There might be one near you or one really far away, but they are there and will be until everyone has the same beliefs.

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