Victorian Era


Fun and games

In the Victorian Era people didn't have the advanced technology that we have today to occupy themselves. Instead they filled their free time by with sports,games,ext.Such as croquet,cricket,boardgames,darts,music,dancing nad theatre.


Many people played sports, as well as bicycling, in the Victorian Era. Most of these games popular among the wealthy.


Croquet was a game introduced in England in the early 1850's. The game was first played in the thirteenth century by peasants. Eventually the game spread. It was then considered a suitable sport for women and was a primary activity for the British leisure class.


Cricket was first recognized as a sport in the early 18th century. The first recorded match was in 1697 in Sussex. This game was commonly played by the wealthy in London.

Board games

Many people enjoyed playing board games like chess to pass the time. Some of the board games that they played date back to ancient times.They used a type of spinner instead of dice because dice were associated with gambling.


The oldest recorded game in history. At the time it was a very popular game.


This game is believed to date back to the middle ages. It was started by bored slodiers who through the darts at whine barrels, with their goal to hit the center. Later the target changed to the cross section of a tree, after the game began to get more popular.


Theatre was also a popular way for people to spend their leisure time.

The two oldest theatres were Covent Garden and Drury Lane. The productions consisted of three or four acts, lasing hours. One of their most popular plays, Princess Ida, was based on Tennyson's peom.

Music and Dancing

Music and Dancing was a big part of lifestyle of people who lived in the Victorian Era.


For many people music helped to pass long winter evenings. Many girls were taught to play the piano at a young age. Music was also a common connection to bring courting couples together. Music was a big part of theatre.


Dancing was a living tradition with local variations. The Queen gave evening concerts at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.