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Welcome Back!

Thank you GT LEAD students and parents as I was testing Grades 1-4 during the two weeks prior to Spring Break. I am excited to resume classes this week with your incredible children. We are definitely springing into action and getting back into the swing of things.

Guest Speaker-Brent Redd | Drainage Programs Coordinator City of Irving --- Capital Improvement Program Department 825 W. Irving Blvd. Irving, TX 75060

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade students want to extend a big THANK YOU to Brent Redd (parent of a 3rd Grader) for being here on March 22nd to teach us about responsible water drainage, clean/safe drinking water, and how we as community members can help support our environment.


This week, Kindergarten scholars continued with brainstorming things that start with the letter T, with the purpose of thinking quickly on their feet to warm up and to practice fluency. Then, they paired up and tackled color tile sudoku. They did an awesome job with that!

First Grade

First Graders are starting to research rare ocean creatures with a partner. They will be doing some note taking and using both book and digital sources to find their information.


SECOND GRADE LEADers are really worked on their questioning skills this week. Students began to decipher between Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral placing cards into categories with a partner. Then, they used a different mindset by answering questions using "20 Questions" app. Lastly, as a class, students participated in a "What's in the Box" questioning exercise where they could only ask yes/no questions to determine the contents of the box.


Third Grade students are beginning Spy School and are learning to analyze types of Codes used in the past send top secret messages. They are analyzing letter frequency and commonly used words and how this is helpful in breaking codes.They are going to create their own codes and then practice decoding their classmates.


Fourth Graders have been busing building their marble runs. We have been using our "Force and Motion" vocabulary, and they will be ready to test them next week.


Fifth graders have rehearsed their SPARK TALKS with partners to gauge for length and check for criteria met. They also recorded themselves to note if they used words like "um" and "like" too much. Students were given their assigned days to present their talks, and a parent letter has been sent home with a designated date per child. Parents are welcome to hear their child's talk if so desired.