Dirk Nowitzki

By:Audrey Roof

Dirk Nowitzki had a intersecting childhood. He was born in Wurzburg,Germany, June 19,1978. Yes, he is German.Dirk also has a sister named Silke. His mother and father were both professional athletes.Nowitzki's father was a professional handball player. His mother was a professional basketball player just like her son Dirk.
Nowitzki started playing basketball at a young age.when we got older he started playing with Wurzburg DJK in Bundesliga.While he was playing for them Nowitzki impressed the NBA.next the NBA drafted him. He was the 9th one picked.Then with a arranged trade Nowitzki was sent to Dallas, to play with Dallas Mavericks.
What is Dirk life like off the court?Nowitzki if you did not know has hid own foundation.His cause of his foundation is to provide health and education to children around the world. It is a public foundation so anybody who wants to can donate to his foundation. Also in his free time he will give autographs and occasionally make appearances in places.Dirk loves kids and loves helping them have a great life.
"Helping kids is one of the best things i get to do as a professional athlete,and its a privilege to be part of those events." Dirk is a role model to many kids around the world.He not only has his own foundation but he also makes appearances on special occasions. He also gives autographs on occasions. Nowitzkis foundation helps give kids all around the world a chance to have education and be healthy. Your helping a kid anytime you donate to his foundation.
Dirk Nowitzki is a great person and kids look up to him everyday. He has achieved his dream to become professional athlete,and help kids all over the world.world. Nowitzkis memorable three point shot is a leagued and he always and forever be remembered.


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