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By : Tanner Hart

If your one of the 25,000 annual Everest tourists , getting into Nepal for more than three days they will only run you $30.

These are the tourist in Nepal.

The climate on Mount. Everest

The climate on Everest is naturally extreme. In January the coldest month the summit temperature averages about -36 degrees (about _76) degrees and can drop as low as about -60 degrees, in July the warmest month the average summit temperature is -19 degrees.

The preparation to climb Mount. Everest

The most common time try climbing Everest is during April or May when the strong winds die down. Also most Everest climber don't carry more than about a thirty five pack at any time.
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This is someone getting to the to of Mount. Everest

Holly Angelo's Report

Holly Angelo's report was unusual. She tried to climb Everest, but she got scared. She got super cold. She said it was miserable. She had a bunch of people helping her. She actually made it to the summit of Everest, and she was so happy.

Biography of climbers