Gloge of Shakespeare

by Vira Tkach

Elizabithan England

Elizabethan era started at 1558, when Queen's Elizabeth I came to the throne as the rightful ruler of the Great Britain. And, which was strange, she loved theater. The problem is, for long time theater was treated as entertainment for the low-classed, poor people. But Queen Elizabeth sponsored theaters and playwrights, which lead to the golden era for the theater. One of the most talented playwrights, who was in favor of the Queen, was William Shakespeare. He himself wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets and 2 long narrative poems. He brought new words into the language and became person, whom every person knows. About his talent and other grand events of this era are written in this gloge.

Other playwrighters

Not only sir Shakespeare showed his talent . Among other known playwrights are Christopher Marlowe and Francis Beaumont.

Marlowe was famous as Elizabethan tragedian. He was born the same year as Shakespeare and influenced him by his plays and poems. Ones of the most famous of them are Doctor Faustus and The Jew of Malta. He died 30 March 1593 at age 29.

Francis Beaumont was famous dramatist. His the most famous work was The Knight of the Burning Pestle. He also wrote plays with John Fletcher. Francis died 6 March 1616.

Short facts

  • Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most mysterious person. A lot is still unknown about her.
  • Queen was the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. She never married and didn't have any kids.
  • Theater made enough profits for Great Britain to become the most powerful and wealthy country in the world.