The Pardoner's Ball

Date: March 30, 1400 A.D. Time: Sunset to Sunrise


Come on over to the Pardoner's Ball and help us celebrate how much of an amazing person the pardoner is, for he is the greatest man to live and he holds the key to our eternal life by taking our money. Come and turn-up at the Pardoner's Ball, the first 100 guests to bring the pardoner 1/5th of liquor will get a spot reserved for them in Heaven.

Hosted by: Death


BYOW (bring your own wallet)

BYOP (bring your own prostitute)

Performing Live at this event will be, 'The 3 Rioters'. Below is a link to one of their performances, this performance was given many awards.

Pardoner's Ball

Sunday, March 30th 1400 at 6am to Monday, March 31st 1400 at 8am

Canterbury, United Kingdom

Canterbury, England

The Pardoner's Ball will be held at "A Friar and a Prostitute Walk Into a Bar Tavern" which is located at, 1234 Greedy Pardon Drive.

Directions from Southwark

  1. Turn left onto, Give me your money drive
  2. keep to the right, then take exit 470 to Canterbury
  3. take a left onto Turn up road, then a right onto Greedy pardon drive
  4. the destination is on your left, just look for a bunch of drunks and beggars.


  • dinner will start at 6:30
  • as soon as we eat dinner we will commence to the drinking

We are 'Plan your hypocritical party'

contact peter or his drunken irish father at for your hypocrisy and partying needs, monks, friars, nuns, and priests get a 15% off discount.