Gadsden Media Matters

Spring/Summer edition

WLTX's Teacher of the Week

In April, Mrs. Janet Sumter was announced as WLTX's Teacher of the Week. Mrs. Sumter was nominated by the mother of one of her students, Meghan. She was very surprised and said she was just giving the students what they deserved, 110% of herself.

Gadsden Elementary's Garden

Librarian Mrs. Swygert and 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Smathers have started a garden in the courtyard at Gadsden Elementary. Lowe's Home Improvement on Garner's Ferry Road graciously donated soil, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to our school so that we could start this garden. We are planting watermelon, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. We can't wait to harvest as school ends, over the summer during summer school, and into the fall as school starts back again.

Tech Savvy Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Swygert, the librarian, was named Gadsden's Tech Savvy Teacher of the Year! "I was excited to hear I won this award and look forward to continuing to bring new technology ideas to our school during the 2016-2017 school year."

Accelerated Reader is coming to a close for the year!

40% of our students at this point in the school year have at least an 85% or higher in Accelerated Reader. I hope to add a few more students between now and the 13th when we get the final scores for the year.

Gadsden Library Statistics 2015-2016

While these numbers aren't final for the year, here is a snapshot of the library:

144 students

6,112 books checked out (1,198 more check outs than last school year)

470 books weeded

480 books added