Reading Stations

Week 2/1-2/5

Reading Groups

1.Nicole, Olivia, Ryan, Andrea, Grace, Kelvin

2.Karla, Trevor, Bryce, Abby, Catalina

3. Kimarra, Ethan, Logan, Gracie

4.Jackson, Samantha, Emma, Robbie, Seraiah

5. Jawarn, Jacob, Ashley,James, Richard, Alexander

1. Reading to Self

Make 3 tracks.

Track 1: Connection you made

Track 2: Character Trait

Track 3: Interesting thing

2. Wordly Wise

10 Cards from the list and the activities from lesson 8.

3. Skill Station

Study Island lesson......

4. Reading Group

With ME :)

5. I Ready

40 minutes of I Ready lessons. Let me know what lessons you passed and completed.

6. Non Fiction

Read your non fiction book you have and write 3 facts you learned from your reading.