Chemistry STSE: Fax Machines

By: Iakta Rehal

Materials Used

Zinc- used to create wires

iron- for good toners and ink carteradges for magnetic ink character recognition

copper- coating of the wires

tungsten- used to transfer ink, gives light

steel- create steel bearings (to carry extreme loads of the machine)

Where are these elements specifically from?

zinc austrllia canada china peru

iron minnisota

copper Utah

tungsten china canada russia

steel australlia

chemical and physical properties of tungsten

chemical properties

Boiling point

5660 °C

Melting Point


Boiling Point



lustrous silvery white metal solid at room temperature

Tungsten is an amazing element used for many things all around us for many lighting or electrical based items. This specific element also has the highest melting point of all metals.Also this element has excellent corrosion resistance, their for its very reliable and long lasting.

As you know in fax machines when the ink transfers to the paper, the paper used heat to trasfer the ink , and to read what is written on the paper many machines within the fax machine ar used. Neacuse this is al run off of electricity the longer it runs the fax machine would start heating up.

Paper is one item that is easily able to be caught on fire,which would be very dangerous in a fax machine. Their for tungsten is used to produce the light and transfer the ink.

Reuse Reduce Recycle

Since fax machines are very large, many people haven't been using fax as a use of communication, but having a good safe way to recycle the machines is very necessary.

If youre looking to recycle the whole machine as a whole, you can easily just drop it off at a near by best buy, office depot or a staples.

Their are still mant components of a fax machine that can be reused before putting away the machine. If youre purchasing a newer fax machine, youre able to remove to hard drive and replac it with in your new machine. If youre buying another fax machine by the same brand youre able to reuse the bottles and ink in the new machine.


Any compounds with Tungsten will be an ionic compound, because Tungsten is a metal to create a compound it has to be put with a non metal. To become a molecular compound you'll need both non metals, but because tungsten is already a metal the compounds will be ionic.

At room temperature tungsten doesn't react with air or water. But when put under extreme hot temperatures it becomes