The Maze Runner

By Isabel Davis


The title of my book is The Maze Runner. The author of The Maze Runner is James Dashner.


The genre of this book is realistic fiction because this could really happen if someone was crazy enough to lock people in a maze.


The theme of the story is to have courage because if Thomas wouldn't have had courage he wouldn't had gone in the maze and Alby and Minho would have died.


The protagonists are Thomas, Alby, Newt, Chuck, and Minho. They are the some people who are trapped in the maze also known as Gladers.


The antagonists in the story were Gally who is another Glader who did not like Thomas and went crazy and hid in the homestead his friends hid him,the Grieversare evil creatures that sting Gladers which can only be cured with the antidote this makes you go through the changing and the Creators trapped all the Gladers in the maze and built the maze.

Main Character

Thomas is the main character in The Maze Runner. He is the greenie the person who comes out of the box most recently. He is very courageous because he stepped into the maze while the walls were closing to save Alby and Minho. " He squeezed past the connecting rods at the last second and stepped into the maze." page 112. Thomas is also very smart he was smart enough to figure out that the maps of the maze made letters not an exit. " That maybe instead of solving the maze to find a way out, it's trying to send us a message." Page 270 said Thomas. Thomas is selfless he was willing to go down the hole where all the Grievers to help all the Gladers escape. " So your suggestion is that we throw some poor kid to the wolves so the rest of us can escape." Said Winston. " Me" said Thomas. Page 314.


The setting impacts the story because they can not get out. It also affects the story because the people of the Homestead or the Gladers have to work together to make a plan to get out.

External Conflict

The external conflict is the problem of getting out of the maze. They could not figure out the maze. They thought the maps would show them an exit.


The climax is when the girl ( Tersa) came out of the box and said " Everthings going to change."


The resolution is that Thomas figured out the code. Then solved how to do the code.


I enjoy the book very much. I liked it because it was mysterious and it always had you on the edge of you seat. The chapters always ended in cliffhangers which always made you want to read more.
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