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House no more

Late Sunday night Miss Maudie

the towns garden enthusiast

house burned down. While many brave

neighbours tried to salvage

the widowed lady's furniture,

the house unfortunately burned to a crisp.

Although the houseburned down

Miss Maudie exclaims,

"I am happy that the old house burned

down, I am now building a smaller house

with a bigger garden."

With such positive

energy, Miss Maudie shows us

we can push through anything!

Mr. Radley Strikes

Late Friday afternoon, many people were

startled as they heard a loud gun shot.

As the Maycomb community gathered to

see what was the matter, what they had

saw was Mr. Radley had shot a nigger. As

everyone went back into their houses Mr. Radley

was spotted standing on his porch with his gun

awaiting the next sound to be heard.

Will Mr. Radley strike again?

Real Winter

The rumours are true! Maycomb

will be having a white Christmas.

With the blind siding of the snow,

all schools will be closed.

Your welcome children.

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