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Personification- to give a character human characteristics

Simile- comparison of two different things

Metaphor- a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action it is not literally applicable

Hyperbole- exaggeration

Literary nonfiction- tells a story

Theme- the main idea/ authors message

Biography- when someone writes about someone elses life

Auto Biography- when someone writes about their own life

Memoir- a piece of someones life

Personal Narrative- A bit or memory of their life

Diary- a book in which one keeps a record of events and experiences

Infer(ence)- a guess

Superlative adjective- comparing two different things using least or most

Questions and Answers

What are plot elements in fiction? Why are they important?

A component or element of the plot of the story. They're important cause they lead up to the plot

What is the point of view in fiction? How does the point of view affect the story?

The point of view in fiction from who the story is told from. The story would be different cause it could be told from a different person that lies in their story.

What do you know about the tools of reading?

What is an inference? How do you infer things? Why is it important?

An inference is a guess. You predict what you think is right. So you have something to go off of when your reading

What are three types of connections you can make with text? Why is it important to think about making connections?

Text to text, text to self, text to world.

So you have something to relate to while reading your story/book

How is the main idea different from the summary?

Main idea is the theme of the story. Summary is parts or some of the story.

What is the theme in fiction? How is it different from the main idea?

The theme in fiction is to Entertain. The theme of fiction to entertain and the main idea is what the story is about.

A. Comparative and superlative adjectives– Comparative is comparing two things and superlative is to compare using least or most

B. Irregular verbs– and irregular verb does not follow regular verb rules

C. Prepositional phrases– It tells when and where in a sentence

D. Simple and compound sentences– a simple sentences using one independent clause and compound sentences is using two dependent clauses by putting them together with a conjunction

E. Subject – verb agreement– Conveys an action

How is a story told in drama different from other fiction? How do the characters, setting and plot differ between genres?

Fiction is a class of literature comparing works of imaginative narration. Drama is the art dealing with the writing your production or play.