Relieving stress

What could cause stress and how to relieve it.

What causes stress at school

Things that can cause stress for example is school because when it´s early and you have to get up and get ready to go to school and you don´t feel like it and you can´t wait to go home. Another one would be having homework because if you have a lot of it you have to worry about when it´s done and how much time you have to put into doing it. Also having to do a project because when you do one by yourself you start to worry if it has to be perfect or if your to nervous to present it in front of the class. Another example could be if your a hard worker and you like to get good grades sometimes you can stress by studying or working hard on something and you end up doing bad on it, you think about how bad your grade could go down and so you try even harder the next time. People could stress about how they dress because when they go to school and people could judge how they look and make fun of them.