Data flow

Data flow within an organisation

Flow of data

Data within a company mainly flows 3 ways, Upwards downwards and onwards. Data flows downwards first this is usually the manager or somebody high up within the company telling the people below what is going to happen and what they will have to do in order for the plan to succeed. Information then flows back upwards to the manager this is staff reporting on the plans and giving feedback to the manager to keep him updated on the project. Onwards is the data flowing between other parts of the organisation to help each other when planning the project. An example of this would be information flowing from the sales department to the distribution department, any sales coming through the company will be recorded by the sales department but have to be sent through to distribution in order to get the product dispatched to the buyer. The plan of data flow can be shown within a flow chart which will show what happens within different parts of the organisation and what needs to happen next, an accurate flowchart allows the company to produce their products efficiently and on time. The diagram will show where data is produced and how it gets turned into information. My flowchart shows the flow of data for the production of new shoes the diagram can be found below.
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