Senior Edition

David Legg: Principal

Last year, I spent a good portion of the Christmas break helping my daughter fill out scholarships and college applications. In an effort to assist seniors and parents of seniors, I thought that it would be worth while to compile some resources that may assist in preparing for college.

Although this update is primarily geared toward seniors, there is some information regarding second semester in the Counselor section that may be beneficial for all students.

If you have suggestions or requests for information that has not been included, please email directly and I will respond or update as needed.

Thanks and have a pleasant Christmas Vacation.

David Legg, Ed.D

SAT/ACT Testing dates

ACT: The next date to take the ACT is February 8th.
The deadline to register is January 10th.
For more information, you may visit the ACT website by clicking here.

Next available test date: April 12, 2014
Registration deadline: March 7, 2014

SAT The next date to take the SAT is January 25, 2014
The deadline to register is December 27, 2013

Next available test date: March 8, 2014
Registration deadline: February 7, 2014
For more information you may visit the SAT- College Board Website by clicking here.

free application for federal student aid

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an important step to qualifying for financial aid. The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for grants, loans and work study programs.

Suggestions for students

  • Encourage your parent(s) to complete income tax forms early. If your parent(s) has (have) not completed tax forms, you can provide estimated information on your federal student aid application, but remember to make any necessary changes later.
  • As soon as possible after Jan. 1, complete and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), along with any other financial aid applications your school(s) of choice may require. You can complete the FAFSA online or on paper, but completing the application online is faster and easier. You should submit your FAFSA by the earliest financial aid deadline of the schools to which you are applying, usually by early February.
  • Complete any last scholarship applications.

Suggestions for Parents

To Do:

To Explore:

  • Look at communications from schools to which your child sent FAFSA information. If a school has offered Direct PLUS Loans, the Direct Loan Basics for Parents brochure might be useful to you.

Updates to newsletter based on feedback.

Mr Legg: students and parents may find it beneficial to complete the Financial Awareness counseling on They will need to apply for the FAFSA first or at least have their PIN. While it is not required counseling for student loans, it covers much of the same topics with some added financial literacy information as far as interest rates, capitalized interest, lifetime aggregates, money management and estimated repayment amounts based on estimated borrowing totals. I have my own senior going through this even though she does not plan on using student loans.

Another little update as well: The IRS will not start processing income taxes until the end of January. Many schools are encouraging students and parents to use the IRS retrieval tool in case they are chosen for verification. With taxes being processed late due to Sequestration, applicants can use estimated numbers early then once their taxes are processed, use the data retrieval tool ( guidance at to have a corrected Student Aid Report sent to the school. Saves a lot of time faxing paperwork back and forth.

Shauna Grant

Program Manager

Office of Student Financial Assistance

University of Alaska Anchorage

How do I locate scholarships?

In an effort to consolidate information and make it easily accessible, ASD and ASD counselors have updated their web page to include links to critical information for students regarding academic needs, testing information, career readiness, and financial aid. Please take a moment to visit this new resource by clicking here. On the financial aid page, you will find a comprehensive list of scholarships, including local scholarships. You may visit this page by clicking here.

alaska preformance scholarship

The Alaska Performance Scholarship provides an opportunity for Alaska high school students to earn a scholarship to help cover the cost of an Alaska postsecondary education. Alaska high school students who take a more rigorous curriculum, get good grades, and score well on college placement or work ready exams, can earn an Alaska Performance Scholarship to qualified Alaska colleges, universities, or vocational/technical programs. For detailed information regarding the Alaska Performance Scholarship, click here.

Local Scolarships of interrest

The Elmendorf Officers’ Spouses’ Organization (EOSO) will be awarding several scholarships this year. Please read the scholarship guidelines to determine eligibility. All paperwork must be submitted together and sent to EOSO as a complete package. Application form, scholarship guidelines, and checklist form are available online at

P.E.O. Chapter Q Scholarship for Women
– Submission Date January 3. Please see the ASD Counseling Page for attached guidelines and application

University of Alaska Scholar

The UA Scholar Award is awarded to the top ten percent of all graduating seniors from Alaska high schools. It is an $11,000 scholarship to any of the 15 University of Alaska campuses. For specif information regarding eligibility and application you may go the the University Scholar website by clicking here.

UAA Application workshop

Wednesday, Jan. 15th, 7:30am-2pm

Loescher Lab

A representative from UAA will be on site at Chugiak High School in the Loescher Lab from 7:30am-2:00pm to assist students with the UAA Application Process. Students should see their counselor for more information. This is an excellent opportunity for any student whose college plans may include UAA to receive individual assistance with completing the application process early in the year.

Denise Edwards: Assistant Principal - Curriculum

The Curriculum Department is the academic department at Chugiak High School. We provide services that support students and their academic success. From enrollment and registration to end of term grades, the Curriculum Department encompasses a number of areas including: School Counselors, Indian Education Counselor and LEP tutor, Testing and Assessment, Teaching and Learning, Student Academic Progress and Graduation, and Grade Reporting.

Counseling News

First Semester Grades:

Will be posted the week of January 6-10. Parents can view grades through Student/Parent Zangle Connect.

Second Semester First Day Information –Monday, January 6.

Class Schedule-

Regular Bell Schedule – 1st period starts at 7:30 am.

Student Schedules

All Students go to the following location for the list of their first period class: Cafeteria

Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen: All grades 9-12 should go to the Cafeteria upon arrival at school to check the posted lists for their first period class and teacher. Students will receive their updated schedules from their first period teacher at the end of the period.

KCC – AM: Cafeteria ----- schedules will be handed out to KCC students so that they can get a copy of their updated schedule before leaving for KCC.

Late Arrivals – Go to Student Services office to pick up their schedule.

Students may not leave class to see a counselor. If students want to request a schedule change, they can fill out a schedule change form, during lunch and drop it in the basket in House 2 or outside Student Services.

Students with holes in their schedule- Go to see their counselor during the “hole” period.

College and Career Readiness Workshops at CHS

The counseling staff will be offering a series of lunchtime workshops throughout second semester on topics related to scholarships, financial aid and college and career readiness.

These workshops started in December and will continue throughout the year. They will be announced in the daily announcements.


This is a great tool for students for scholarship search, financial aid opportunities, creating a college scholarship portfolio, and career readiness.

Parents can also view this site by logging in and conducting searches by using the "log in by zip code" link.

Students who have already created a portfolio in AKCIS can log in with their user name and password.

Students who do not have a portfolio in AKCIS can log in using chugiak as the log in and 4akcis as the password. They then need to create a portfolio and save a personalized log in and password. Once this account is created, they can save searches for financial aid and colleges.

Save The date

December 20: Winter Break begins for students

January 6: Students return from Winter Break.

First day of Semester 2 classes.