Fossil Fuels

By: Rylee,Natalie, Edward,Grant

Are Fossil Fuels Renewable or Nonrenewable

Fossil fuels are non renewable resource. Although, fossil fuels are continuously being naturally formed, they are considered to be non-renewable resources. They take millions of years to form and they are being used faster then new ones can be reformed.

By: Natalie

Fossil Fuels are Being Wasted

People are using to much oil and gas. We need to stop using it as much and save it for when we need it. that way we can make energy. It would help us be green. Oil and gas are being wasted.

By: Grant

Here are some ways you can save fossil fuels at this school (teachers also!)

Only turn on the middle light

Turn off computers, I pads, any other electronic device if you are not using it

Don't flood the urinals

Use black and white printers

Don't use paper towels, use air dryers

Recycle and compost

Don't turn on heater, use sunlight

Don't use complete gasoline cars

By: Eddie