Hate List

Connecting modern literature to greek mythology.

About "Hate List"

"Hate List" is about a girl named Valerie who has to go through senior year dealing with the blame of a shooting her boyfriend, Nick Levil had started. Nick and Valerie made a hate list with everything and everyone they hated. Nick had taken the hate list to far and caused heartache to everyone. She needs to start school with the hatred of everyone around her. Valerie has to show the school and her family that she is truely not to blame for the tragedy.

The protagonist and antagonist

The protagonist of the story is Valerie. Valerie has to deal with hate from everyone for a crime she did not commit. She never realized Nick wanted to kill many people, and when she finally couldnt take it anymore she stepped in front of a bullet to save a girl she once hated who had become a great friend and stopped the shooting. The antagonist of the story is the students at Garvin High School who had escalated the hatred of Valerie with out realizing she had never wanted any of this to happen.


My Review

I think more girls would like to read this book because there is more drama in it. I dont think guys would enjoy it because it deals with a tragedy.

Connections to Greek myths.


Valerie has to go on a quest to realize who she really is. Once the shooting occurs she has to go back to school going through hate from many people but she also goes through acceptance from Stacey and many of her friends eventually.


In my book, the hero Valerie Leftamn is finally known as the hero she truely is. At the end of my book everyone is very proud of her being there and not just running away from her problems. She is very glad that Nick had been noticed at the graduation even if he might of caused many problems for their school.

Traumatic Event

A connection to an archetypal hero trait is Valerie goes through a traumatic event. Valeries boyfriend Nick starts a school shooting because of a hate list they make. Valerie has to deal with the deaths of many people thinking it is her fault.