Manifest Destiny

Alyssa Fahnestock

Manifest Destiny

Mr Betts-Main point 1-5

Manifest Destiny

Mountain Men

Louisiana Purchase

1.The mountain men settled in the disputed territory

2.Napoleon sold the land to the U.S

3. Manifest Destiny goes from shore to shore

4. The land came from France and Mexico.

5. The U.S had to get rid of the indians because the U.S wanted to get to the Pacific coast.

MC LaLa-Main point 1-2

not in favor Manifest Destiny

  1. President Polk started a war.

  2. They stole land from mexico Main point 1-3

Manifest Destiny

1.Manifest Destiny was in the 19th century and was designed to help make the US get to coast to coast.

2. Manifest Destiny expressed the belief that it was Anglo-Saxon

3. It was, O’Sullivan claimed, ‘our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence

John Melish- Main point 1-2

Manifest Destiny

1.The map shows us where the US went from east to west.

2. John was telling us how our nation could possibly be a great country.

3. John also telling us that we now have Texas and that our nation was growing.


1. According to Melish, why did he decide to draw the map of the United States this way?

The map was made because they wanted to so the whole extent of America's territory from sea to sea.

2. How does this relate to Manifest Destiny?

It relates to Manifest Destiny because Manifest Destiny means to stretch or move across areas and the map was showing us where the US grow bigger and bigger.