Samantha Diaz

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Story Elements

Divergent takes place in Chicago during the future. The main conflict in the story is that Beatrice is divergent and she can end up being killed for being divergent. The book begins with Beatrice taking a test and having to chose which faction she wants to go to. Pick up the book to find out what happens!
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Character Analysis

The main character is Beatrice. Three words to describe the main character are nice, fearless, and caring. The character is motivated by not wanting to die. One example is she fights to survive. Another example is that she cant tell people she is divergent or else she will be killed. I like the main character because she pushes herself to do hard things. The relationship between Beatrice and Tobias is interesting because he is her duantless trainer but they like each other.
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The theme of the novel is one choice can transform you. One example that supports the theme is Beatrice chose to become dauntless and became divergent. Another example is Tobias also chose to become dauntless and became divergent. A third example from the book is Beatrice's mom was dauntless and chose abnegation so she had to change the way she was before.


Teens can relate to this novel because it talked about a relationship. For example Beatrice and Tobias weren't sure if they loved each other and they were boyfriend and girlfriend.