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August 13, 2019

Click Here for Your Start of Year Tech Checklist!

This can also be found on the LTHS tech web site.

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Soon!- Eduphoria Profile

Soon when you log in to Eduphoria, you will be prompted to update your profile. You can find instructions here if you aren't sure how to do that.

(we had a specific date for this but something is malfunctioning so it has been postponed. All I know is that it should happen soon!)

When this happens please be sure that you login to Eduphoria and take care of this, as this drives your appraiser's ability to find you in the system!

eSchool trouble?

Forbidden error? No, you weren't fired. If you get a forbidden error of any kind when accessing eschool, please visit this link: eSchool 403/404 Forbidden Errors read it carefully and follow the instructions within.

Can't log in? Please email me (Kim) and let me know. (did you just get your name changed and you cannot log in? Let me know that too!)

Categories: All categories will be set up for you automatically. If you don't see categories set up and you cannot create assignments, please let me know which classes are affected and I will have the IS department fix it.

LTHS Technology Information- bit.ly/LTHStech

Everything about technology at LT including equipment information, the Blazer Buttons program, grade deadlines, printing information, start of school checklist and new teacher information.


Here is your checklist of all the things you need to do if you want to use Canvas with kids the first 2 weeks.

The blueprint request form can be found here.

More info about how syncing works and how the A/B day thing works in Canvas (I added this video to the Smore)

If you need help- come find me! I am in the little office inside the library on the right (the middle door along that wall.

For teachers AND students- if you are having trouble with Canvas because something seems broken- you think Canvas is malfunctioning and it is not an instructional issue, please do not use the help feature inside Canvas. Instead, put in an Eduphoria Help ticket for those problems. An example might be that maybe Mastery Paths have been working perfectly for you for weeks and all of a sudden the one you need isn't working.

Compliance Video Issue

Videos are back online and should be ready to view!

Filter- check your sites!

If you are using web sites with your kiddos, be sure to login as a student and check for access. We did have some tightening of the filter over the summer and things got knocked out. There is a HelpDesk ticket specifically to unblock sites that you need access to, and all requests must go through that form.

Just a reminder- if you are on wireless, it defaults to a kinder level filter. You and your students can visit filter.friscoisd.org to login to the filter and get your normal security level restored for wireless activity.