What is Credit?

Credit is money borrowed from a bank that you can use to buy things on a credit card. There are many different types of credit that you can get such as:
  • Home loans
  • Student loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Low limit credit card
  • secured or prepaid credit card
all these form of credit can be obtained if your credit report looks good and if you qualify for the 4 c’s:
  • Character: are you trustworthy
  • Capacity: Do you make enough money
  • Creditworthiness: what's your history
  • Collateral: What do you have of value



a credit card is a piece of plastic you use to pay for stuff. They can be used everywhere and anywhere. The benefit of using a credit card is that it is convenient and easy to use. there are also some draw backs to credit cards. One of them is Credit limits, there is only so much you can spend before you max out your credit card. Even worse than that is that they let you go over your limit and then you have to pay over the limit fees when you go over your limit on your card. While the credit card seems like a good idea you still have to pay annual fees. Annual fees are when you have to pay back what you spent on the credit card. Even worse that Annual fees are the penalty fees that you get from not paying the annual fees on time. A credit card is a good and convenient thing to have in your life, but only if you are responsible to pay them on time.


  • Sign your card when you get it
  • dont share account info
  • use secure browser
  • only use credit for necessities
  • always pay on time
  • protect your credit