Lords Cricket Ground

St John's Wood, London

The Home Of Cricket

Lords has 9 stands and its pitch is 20.12 m long. It was first built in 1787. Its second ground was built in 1814 and the current ground was built in 1987. Since 1787 124 tests have been played at lords.

Lords cricket ground was built for cricket. it is called the home of cricket.

A tour of lords costs £15 for an adult and £9 for a child.

The North-west side of the field is 8 feet higher then the south-east side. The lights at lords were made in 2007.

The Archery competition is going to be held at lords during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Cricket at Lords

Lords Cricket Ground is the home the England Cricket team and Middlesex County Cricket Club.

A ticket to a game of cricket costs about £25 for an adult.