Minutes of the department meet.

Date : December 23, 2015.

Time : 12 Noon

Venue : Sector 35, Chandigarh

Present : Natasha, Radhika, Sanyam, Gurleen, Shubhangi, Miral, Ayushmn and Srishti.

Absent : Aditya, Anupriya, Lavish, Tarannum, Urvi, Mugdhaa, Vishruti, Gaurav, Namrata, Manas and Shubham,

Note : You guys missed something really cool !

  • So it all started with beautiful checkins.
  • Secondly we talked about small win and those small ones lead to a big one.
  • It is important to appreciate our small wins.
  • These small wins will also lead to us being better beings.
  • We talked about Inner work life and progress
  • What progress means to us!
  • Importance of consistency in anything you do.
  • Working together as a team will fetch you more than working individually.
  • "I will work later" is the biggest enemy of success.
  • Also we talked about why we are not working together as a team and not analyzing the importance of us being here.
  • Then we evaluated, why we are not working to our full potentials.
  • We also heard a case study of how barcelona stood up by working on consistency and team work.
  • We heard about our VP, Natasha's AIESEC journey.
  • We mentioned our biggest learnings so far in AIESEC.
  • We also talked about our reason of joining AIESEC.
  • We had a very nice test to take but then we couldn't due to short time.
  • And that is how we ended this awesome meet.