The Kerr Chronicle

April 2022

Dear Parents,

Happy April!!!! The year is going by very fast. As the weather warms up please make sure your child has a refillable water bottle so they can stay hyrdated throughout the day. If you have questions at any time, please email me at

Mrs. Kerr

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6th Grade Social Studies

The 6th graders have begun their study of ancient India. This includes the study of the Indus Valley Civilization as well as the Aryans and how these two groups spread their culture throughout ancient India. We will also look at the growth and development of two major world religions, Buddhism and Hinduism, and how these religions impacted the lives of the people of India as well as the rest of Asia. After this chapter, we will begin to learn about ancient Rome.

6th Grade Religion

The 6th grade has begun their study of God's chosen people. We are looking at the stories of Isaac and Rebekah and the challenges between Esau and Jacob. After Easter break we will look at the story of Joseph and how he was chosen to save God's people in Egypt.

7th Grade Social Studies

The seventh graders will continue their study of the middle ages by looking at the later Middle Ages. This will include the role that Christanity and Popes played in the formation of kingdoms in Europe, the Crusades, the Hundred Years’ War, and the Black Death. After this chapter, we will turn our focus to the Italian Renaissance.

8th Grade Social Studies

The eighth graders will continue to study the regions of the North and the South. After this, we will turn our attention to the divided nation which involved the causes of the Civil War. This involves studying the issue of slavery, the Compromise of 1850, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Election of 1860, and the southern secession.

Reminders for April

  • Make sure to check Gradelink on a regular basis to monitor your child's progress.
  • Faith in Action Campus Clean Up Day - Saturday, April 9
  • Holy Week - Sunday, April 10
  • Lenten Prayer Service and 8th Grade Stations - Wednesday, April, 13 at 11:15am
  • Easter Vacation - Thursday, April 14 - Friday, April 22
  • Progress Reports - Thursday, April 28
  • All Wednesdays are 12:00 pm (Noon) dismissal
  • Send-Off Prayers every Friday at 2:40 pm

Birthdays for 8th Grade

April 2 - Ean I.

April 2 - Grant J.

April 9 - Julius S.

April 20 - Gavin Q.

Disciple of Christ

Congratuations to Ean I for being March's Disciple of Christ for Integrity.

Character Trait for April is Curiosity

Wish List

If you would like to donate items to the 8th grade classroom, I am looking for the following items. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

1. Colored copy paper

2. Blinds for the windows

3. Boxes of Kleenex