Et Iris Pauroum Rimor

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Et Iris' absolute location is 15° south and 75° east which puts it west of Australia and east of Madagascar. This location is perfect for people who love warm climates and excellent views of the ocean. Those with a sense of adventure will love exploring the mysterious caves of the mountains.


The island of Et Iris has a plethora of different climates. In the north you can find the Dominus Mountains which have a highland climate. In the east lies the Aurea Desert which has a semi-arid climate due to the winds from Australia. And in the heart of the island is the De Arbor, a tropical rain forest. All of these climates come together to create an amazingly beautiful landscape.

A Physical map of the island

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Despite being a previously unknown land mass, Et Iris has had no accounts of indigenous peoples to date. There is no state religion and our national language is Latin. Education in Et Iris is top notch as proven by our state of the art schools and literacy rate of 90.8%. There is no doubt that this statistic will surely rise once our citizens become assimilated to speaking Latin as that is the language taught in schools.


The political power in Et Iris is located mostly in the central government due to our oligarchic system of government. Irisan citizens enjoy many basic rights such as freedom of religion, freedom of the press*, rights to education, and the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. (A full list of citizen rights can be found in our constitution.) The flag of Et Iris depicts our famed rainbow beach and four black stars to symbolize the four founders of Et Iris Pauroum Rimor.

*For state employed journalists

The Flag of Et Iris Pauroum Rimor

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Et Iris Pauroum Rimor has many natural resources including fruits, produce, and rubber from the forest and an assortment of seafood from our mountainous coastline. The island's economy is heavily based upon the agriculture and fishing industries. Et Iris has a market economic system leaning slightly towards command and Lamminas are (singular; Lamina). We have free trade with the exception of an embargo with North Korea. We encourage trade with Japan and Israel due to their specialization in technology.