Adam Rosas


My hobbies are Basketball, Football, and collecting sneakers. I started playing basketball when i was five. My uncle taught me to play in San antonio. We used to go to the spurs practice court everyday. I never met any of the players though. I got into football about 2 years ago. My favorite team in football is the Dallas cowboys. My family does not like the cowboys except for my little brother and my grandfather. I started collecting nike seakers when i was 9 i had a pair of air force 1's when i was 5 and i saved them to this day. i only have about 5 pairs of nike sneakers. im working on it though. i hav ornage hyperdunks at the moment that i got this summer. I have 8 famliy members including me and a cat. I want to be a Nba player when i grow up. I would like to play for the spurs or the Cleveland cavaliers. I went to texas for most of the summer ad then i cam back and spent the est of my time at home at the community center and at worlds of fun. i am hoping to play for the freshman basketball time. I love nike socks of any kind.