Family Cultural Traditions

by Caleb M.

Traditions I'll use as an adult

1. Like most families, when we celebrate a birthday, we are going to go out and celebrate with a birthday dinner which is chosen by whoever is having the birthday.

2. Christmas at multiples houses is something I personally take a part of, usually just 3 houses but depending on the year even up to 5.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Since I sort of have 2 whole different families, I get to celebrate the big holidays multiple times. Thanksgiving is no exception, my grandma has people over for breakfast, I drive over to my other grandmas for lunch and my mom is at home preparing the final dinner. If you aren't full after 3 thanksgivings then you are doing something wrong.

Christmas traditions

Christmas time is the best

The 4th of July

Every year about a week before the 4th of July, me and my mom make a trip down to Saint Louis for the day and spend the day together and before we head home, we usually spend about $1000 on fireworks. Then on the 4th of July, we have about 40-50 people come over and bring food and swim in our pool. When it gets dark we start shooting off fireworks right in the middle of a subdivision.

Christmas :D

New Years Day


Weekly Traditions