And key character traits that they have

1st Character Trait of a salesman

Salesmen need to be very good at imitateing others emotions as a way of expressing support and caring, even more basically, a way of communicating with eachother. We have found that evidence from the book "The Tipping Point" on page (84).

2nd Character Trait of a Salesman

Tom a salesmn can earn a level of trust in 5 minutes that would take other salesmen like 30 minutes to build up that kind of trust.(84).

3rd Character Trait of a salesman

Salesman change people cruically if he is good at it. To be a good salesman oyu need to ajust your feelings to your patients. page (84).

Who are key examples of salesman?

1st key example of salesman

There are carriers, people who are very expressive, and there are people who are especially susceptible. page (85)

2nd Key example of salesman

There are some people that are far more emotional than others scientists call these type of people "senders". page (84).

3rd Key Example Of Salesman

Teachers are good examples of salesmen they ajust there teaching ways to the students (85).