Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust was a tragic event that happened in Europe, mainly in Germany and spread to other countries as well. It was lead by Adolf Hitler in the early 1940's that lead to millions upon millions to be killed out of cold blood. It changed the world as we know forever.

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Definition/Background Information

Treblinka was a extermination camp set up the Germans that resulted in thousands among thousands of different races to be slaughtered. It was a powerful impact on the people who was in or had loved ones in the camp. Treblinka was a terror for Jews living in the time of the Holocaust.

Original Research Project

Treblinka was originally set up as a working camp for workers in 1939. It wasn't until a couple of years into the Holocaust it was used as a extermination camp. Built near the village of Treblinka, it was a slaughter house for many different races including men, women, and children. Acting as one of the main extermination camps in the from 1939 to 1944. After a while Treblinka was closed down and the camp, Treblinka II was opened. But Treblinka II served to be a disappointment when workers of the camp revolted against the officers. As a result of the rebellion, Treblinka II was burned down and destroyed. There was only a small amount of survivors who lived to tell what went on in Treblinka.


" There was death, just death. God must have been on a holiday. I looked for him, but there was only beautiful Polish sky." - Samuel Willenberg

This quote was important because it really showed how people thrown in Treblinka and many others felt. It illustrated how hopeless they thought they were when they were in these camps and persecuted for just being who they were. The Holocaust was a real scary and emotional time for many.


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