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What's up in Analytics this week

GA News & Features

  • Mobile App Analytics Course with Certification - The course begins November 18. Register now if you're interested. You don't have to take the certification, but if you do, recommend using the same email you used for your GAIQ Certification. Also, to get the course completed certificate, you need to take it during the course. December 11 is the final date to earn the certificate, though the information will be available after.
  • iOS Install Tracking is Coming - Public Beta Soon. If you're an ANA POC for a client who has a goal for clicks to the app store, may be worth mentioning this to the SEO/PPC AM.
  • SEER GA October Round Up - After a brief hiatus, James brought back SEER's monthly Google Analytics round up post, take a look!


  • PCOM - Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine redesign support - Kickoff 11/19 with Larry as temporary AM
  • Vree Closed Loop - Kicking off likely next week with Brandon

Sales Pipeline

Signed This Week

  • ModSpace Closed Loop

SOWs In Progres

  • LWW Adobe Analytics Audit & KPI/Behavior Tracking Plan - in development
  • UPMC Expansion - with client
  • NAVEX Global Blog GA Setup & Universal - with client
  • LWW GA Audit - with client
  • ModSpace closed loop - with client
  • Commune GA Audit & Support - with client
  • Philly Fun Guide Audit - with client
  • Incorporate - with client
  • USV Closed Loop - with client
  • Sunoco Local Analytics - with client


  • Certainteed Phase 2
  • TREX
  • CSC Closed Loop - likely will move to SOW next week


  • n/a


  • Actively Recruiting 2 AMs
  • 4 candidates in interview process

Bandwidth Check - Last Week

Only one person responded to the Bandwidth Check last week. "Is bandwidth a current concern?"

  • Yes & No end in sight!

See below under To Dos to take the 1 question bandwidth survey this week.

GA Request Form Status

  • 17 open requests
  • 10 of these requests are more than a month old

Remember to check your old requests to see if they can be closed out, if they still need to be resolved.

To Dos!