MiN New York

A big collection of amazing perfumes or scents

MiN New York is a sensory gallery

MiN New York is a sensory gallery, where you can find the best gift for your love. It is a single stop-shop that can fulfill all your needs, especially when it comes to purchasing special edition scents. Our store is situated at 117 Crosby Street, NY. So, visit our store and discover excellent and rare grooming products, the art of living, sensory events and dear old things at affordable rates.

Here at MiN New York, we put our 100% to bestow the best everything. Why? It’s simple; we want to have a long term customer relationship with you. Wondering about the customer service? Well, nothing to be worried about, as we are staffed with a team of professionals who will assist you through the olfactory jungle. Visit us today and see what we can do for you?
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MiN New York welcomes you

MiN New York welcomes you to shop for the best gift for your loved one and be a witness of its unmatchable customer service. Here, we have a team of well-skilled and experienced professionals, who are set to offer amazing customer service.