Electrical Engineering Technician

Fixing the world in our own special way

What We Do

We use the principles and theories of science, engineering and mathematics to solve technical problems.We can build a prototype of a new portable audio palyer(iPod, mp3 player, or Beats) so it can be tested and modified.

Give To The Community

Our jobs bennifit the community by inventing and fixing equipment for a lot of people including the U.S. Army and large companies like Intel, Dell, Microsoft, and more.

What You Need To Join

You need to have a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, good verbal skills, and good writing. Your personality has to be kind like strong reasoning skills and work well in teams.


*Min. Wage: $15,080*Avg. Wage: $45,230*Max. Wage: $56,99Job Growth: -2% to 2%

Jobs That Might Hire You

These are th jobs that might or will hire you: Applied Materials, Intel, Philips, and more