Catarina Neves Costa's Goals

Mrs.Richards's 5th Grade 2015

My Strengths and Weaknesses

My strengths are math,social studies and reading. These are my strengths because math just seems to come to me, adding and subtracting,social studies because I love social studies and I work hard,reading because I really love reading, getting to imagine the pictures. My weaknesses are science and writing. These are my weaknesses because science doesn't come to me very often and when I write I need a lot of time to think.

Goals For This Year

My language arts goal is to improve in my writing. I will work on this by learning how to spell better. My social studies goal is to get A's on tests. I will work on this by studying more and paying attention. My science goal is to learn more about the world and about the land and the ocean. I will work on this by listening to what the teacher says. My math goal is to learn how to multiply and divide big numbers. I will work on this by learning new ways to do that and by doing more math problems.

My Personal Goals

My personal goal for the year is to Go to as many dance competitions as I can go to. I will work on this goal by dancing as hard as I can. Another goal I have is to play with my dog more this year and to reach my goal I will have to spend more time with her.

Who Can Help Me?

People who can help me reach these goals are my teachers and my parents. They can help me because my teachers help me learn different things and my parents can help me study for tests and quiz's.

What Might Distract Me?

Something that can distract me from reaching these goals is people talking all the time. One way I can keep talking from distracting me is really focusing on my work.