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March 2016- Issue 1


Hello readers and welcome to the first issue of American Car Monthly! A lot of you might be familiar with my Twitter account @CanAmericaCars and if not you should definitely check that out!

I am very passionate about quality American made vehicles. I believe that our automakers have made some very beautiful vehicles and it takes a lot of fans to keep those cars alive. As the years go on, more and more classics disappear and it is my hope that more people take a liking to these older cars and let them live on if not physically, but online and in pictures.

This issue will be discussing many of the cooler cars and is another way I can better engage my fans and really speak about what I want to in more than 140 characters.

I hope you enjoy!

Your car guy, Jordan


Top Car of the Month!

With so many great cars to choose from it was really hard to come to a final decision. I went through a lot of lists and pictures coming to a final decision, but I ultimately decided to go with the 1970 Dodge Challenger.

The Dodge Challenger is everything and more. A super slick car packing a 440 cubic inch engine Hemi V8 and a HP rating of 390 it was one of the fasted cars of it's time and was definitely not a joke.

With funky colors like Go-Mango, Hemi Orange, and Plum Crazy purple it was definitely an interesting car and has since become one of the most iconic muscle cars of it's time.

I think what makes me appreciate the Dodge Challenger even more, is even after 46 years it still looks better than most cars on the road today. When Fiat bought our beloved Chrysler-Dodge the days were looking bleak, and any hopes of cool new cars were slowly fading too. However in 2008, Dodge announced the first model year Dodge Challenger, and although it can never compare to the classic 1970' Challenger, it is very similar and has impressed fans old and new. I am very satisfied with the new Challenger's, so much that I have considered trading in my beloved Pontiac for a new Challenger! The new Challengers very closely resemble the classic iconic muscle car, and in my opinion has done it better than any other automaker out their today, not even the Camaro and Mustang look similar to their older models.

Long live the Dodge Challenger!

The Classic Car Show- With Steve Rinaldo and Jim Weber.

I've heard from many of my friends and fans that they love cars, but sometimes might not have anybody to talk to about it. Hell, sometimes I talk so much about cars people get sick of hearing me talk! (what can I say? I LOVE cars!) Well, when this happens I still want to talk about cars, but when forums and responses from users take too long I look to podcasts.

Podcasts are absolutely amazing, with topics ranging from cooking to politics to cars, you can listen to just about anything! When I was searching for podcasts to listen to I came across a podcast by the name of The Classic Car Show with Steve Rinaldo and Jim Weber. They have been very active and consistent with their schedule of podcasts, and have been putting them out since 2012. Topics range from car events, classics, charities, and other general discussion.

I really think it is worth checking out, and encourage everybody to have a listen. If you love cars, you'll love Steve and Jim!

Check it out here:

Now that is one WHACKY car!

When researching articles and reading different automotive industry trends, you come across a lot of interesting cars. Concept cars usually feature some of craziest and whacky designs and ideas, but even cars that make it to production can be just as whacky as well!

This month I would like to put the spotlight on a forgotten 'favorite' (I used that word very loosely here...). Many of you will remember GM's Pontiac, as many of you may know I am a giant fan of Pontiac and when it came to the corporate restructuring of brands that GM offers Pontiac was not part of that plan, thus killing off the iconic brand that brought us the first muscle car, GTO and other beauties like the Grand Prix and Parisienne. 2009 was a bleak year, but the 80s were an even darker year for Pontiac production.

A concept car by the name of "Stinger" was perhaps one of the ugliest, yet interesting cars I have ever seen. The 1989 Pontiac Stinger was a concept car and never made it to production, but it pandered to the popular style of car going for a beachy, sports utility type of design.

The Pontiac Stinger came equipped with a 3.0 liter 4 cylinder engine and could put out 170 HP of RAW POWER! It came standard with a 3 speed automatic transmission, and had a unique off road capability feature air suspension system that could raise the car another 4 inches. At the end of the 80s, gadgets were becoming ever more popular, and thus the Stinger boasted such features like built in cell phones, a detachable AM/FM stereo (so you can party with it on the beach), a cd player, a camping table, an extension cord, a flashlight... the list goes on. If you thought a camping table coming as standard equipment was weird, it also came installed with a gardening hose. I don't really know what else to say, but you can't go wrong without a gardening hose.

Please look at the pictures below, the more I look at it the more I wish they made it to production!

Car Appreciation Through Music.

When I think of a classic car, I don't just look at it as a car. Part of what interests me about classic cars so much is what it has been through. I see a GTO and I immediately immerse myself into that decade. Who it was built by, who was the original owner, the culture, the trends, the awesome music. A car is a lot more than just a car to me, and the music you hear and cars you see go hand and hand. I have great memories of going to cruise shows and hearing those classic songs that would have been songs playing on each and every car's radio in their day.

I would like to focus this month on Ronnie & the Daytonas debut single 'Little GTO'. It was released in 1964 (also the first model year of the Pontiac GTO) and was certified gold, selling over a million copies. I really enjoy surf rock like this, and is a great cruising song capturing classic American life as teens would 'cruise the strip' and race their cars.

Although the 60s are long gone, it lives on with our cars and songs. They can take away our cruising strips and make horrible anti-racing laws, but they'll never take away our passion!

Little GTO, you're really lookin' fine

Three deuces and a four-speed and a 389
Listen to her tachin' up now, listen to her why-ee-eye-ine
C'mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out GTO
Ronnie & The Daytonas - 'Little GTO'

That's a FAIL!

Have you ever just looked out your side window and just shake your head in embarrassment? We've all done it, we've all seen people driving and question the legitimacy of their driver's license. Sometime people just shouldn't drive, or own cars, or even look at cars. Am I being too harsh? No, there is truly some crazy drivers out there and I think it is important to highlight some of the dangers and absolute facepalms that you can encounter on the wide open road.

Today alone I personally witnessed some of the most ridiculous car etiquette I've seen in a long time. During rush hour the chap behind obviously had to be somewhere, and was very aggressive in nature. In an attempt to pass me he sped up next to me and quickly realized that I was not the problem, but rather the mile long line of cars in front of me was the real culprit. To avoid getting into a head on collision this fellow quickly got back behind me and was still swerving side to side trying to get ahead. When it came time to part ways he rolled up beside me a red light and was screaming at his steering wheel and sped off only to be stopped again by the now 2 mile long traffic ahead of him. I just shook my head, he did not like that however.

I would just like to remind everyone, no matter how humorous this situation was today, that road rage is no joke and could have resulted in a major accident. If you ever find yourself too angry to drive please pull over, and if you notice an angry driver do your best to avoid them so you don't anger them further.

Enough of the serious talk! Please enjoy the gallery and video of the month below for the funniest fails of the week, those poor poor cars!

Dodge Dart Destroys Itself | Incredible Fail

Featured Account of the Month!

Each month I would I like to feature an account that I have been enjoying very much. The way this works is I will show you an account that shares fun, interesting, relevant content that has to do with our passion for classic cars. In addition to that criteria, they must actively tweet! Hope you enjoy this month's selection!

Featured Account for March: @HotAmericanCars

I first discovered this account through a network of my followers. At the time of writing this, we have 5 follower/following connections and I must say it has been one of the most informative and entertaining Twitter accounts I have seen since joining Twitter.

@HotAmericanCars posts a lot of informative videos, articles, and pictures of GM, Ford, Mopar, and other classic (and some new) beautiful cars. My favorite type of posts from him have been the resto and restomods. Among these he showcases some of the best restorations and modifications of our beloved classics and only features the most beautiful well done cars.

Recently, he posted an article and a video on an absolutely beautiful 74' Dodge Hemi Charger that was raced by NASCAR driver, Jim Vandiver. It's interesting to see cars like this, and you can totally expect to see articles and videos like this from @HotAmericanCars all of the time.

Please give him a follow here:

A Note from @CanAmericaCars.

I really hope you enjoyed reading the first issue of American Car Monthly! I had a great time putting it together and showcasing what was most important to me. Cars are more than cars to me, and I hope that I have connected with you all in one way or another.

Please stay tuned for the second issue of American Car Monthly set to come out in April. Please feel free to drop me a line below if you have any questions about this month's issue or if you want to talk about cars! I am always down to talk about cars of course!

Please follow me on Twitter for the latest car comparisons, and daily discussion about our favorite classics of yesteryear! Have a good Easter and look forward to the coming months as our cars get to finally come out and play again! Spring has sprung and Summer will be arriving shortly!

Your car guy, Jordan