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Week 7: Developing Our Passions, Strengths & Talents

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Palm Springs Unified School District’s motto is “Life Long Learning Starts Here.” We believe that every person can and should pursue their passions in order to develop their strengths and talents. Identifying our talents (natural skill) and developing our strengths (ability to consistently perform on a specific activity) to mastery involves hard work and dedication. Focusing on our strengths and the strengths of others results in genuine enjoyment as we commit to producing our best work.

During these upcoming summer months, let’s help our children identify their passions and develop their talents and strengths.

Finding your passion and purpose

This visual guide is a helpful tool created to help us discover our passions and purpose, created by Sunny Sands Elementary Counselor, Paula Henry.
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Family Connection Activity

Complete these family activities to help your child develop a growth mindset

1. Dream Board to discover passions: “One way to help our children make their dreams and aspirations real is by creating a dream board. They can use it to post images and text that remind them of what they want. Dream boards are powerful because they use visualization, which AJ Adams says can “enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime your brain for success, and increase states of flow.” In other words, our brain is so powerful that just imagining doing a thing can make us better at that thing. Dream boards are a great tool for that kind of visualization.” To other examples about to “How to Motivate your Child” see here:

2. Family Story Time: Share one of the following stories with characters who developed their passions, strengths and talents. Watch these read-aloud videos and then discuss how the story can connect to your child’s development of passions, strengths and talents. Story 1: The Dot Story 2: Rosie Revere, Engineer Story 3: Ada Twist Scientist Story 4: Violet the Pilot Story 5: Emmanuel’s Dream

3. Make an “I Can” Can “Next time your child is worried he won’t be able to accomplish a task, remind him of all the things he can do using an “I Can” can. You can also revisit the “I Can” can, asking your child, “Have you always been able to do this? How did you learn to do this? How did you get better at this skill?” This reinforces the point that none of his abilities have been acquired overnight, and it may give him the courage and motivation to try something new.” For other ideas about to motivate your child to try something new, visit: For older children, have them write their “I Can” statements on post-it notes and tape them to a mirror or their bedroom door.

4. Make a Strengths Chain: “Make the strengths chain with your child. Working together will help both of you see your child’s strengths and how they link together. Planning to do this activity with more than one child? Print a full set of worksheets for each child in case they may have many of the same strengths.” Download the strength based statements here:

PSUSD Staff Spotlight

Christina Miramontes, Teacher

Throughout that shifting in life I did a lot of growing, appreciating the journey, and continuing my education so that no matter what I could make a better difference. I found through all the change, integrating science was always a passion, always there to ground me in my classroom. When you look for the positive in the world, opportunities present themself, so I took them! I am beyond grateful to say I get to teach 6th grade Math and Science, and coach TK-5 science at my school. It is living a dream, which would not have been possible without the journey life lead me through. I love to learn, and being able to empower others to find their own strengths and talents, seeing the journey as opportunity instead of road blocks, that’s why we are here. That is why we love being part of a school community, why we grow and learn. It fuels us. I do believe that you can explore the joys of learning and the rewards from teaching, yet it is Gandhi who I always come back to, “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

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