Walk Two Moons

By Sharon Creech


This book is about how the main character, Salamanca Tree Hiddle, is on a road trip with her grandparents to see her mother. On the way there, Sal tells her grandparents about her life before the trip. She tells them about her life before and her friends. She tells them about what was happening with her before she left for the road trip.

Thesis sentence

Throughout the novel, Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech foreshadows and gives numerous clues to the unexpected ending.

Mike is Mrs. Winterbottom's son

In the middle of the story, Sal and Phoebe find out that Mike Bickle, is actually Mrs. Winterbottom's son. Sharon Creech foreshadows this by saying different clues throughout the story. For example, the lunatic appears outside of Phoebe's house on page 43 and says, " I want to see Mrs. WInterbottom. Is she here or what?" And on page 118, when she says "It was Phoebe's lunatic, coming toward us, staring right at us."

Sal's Mom Died In a Bus Accident

Later into the story, Sal finds out that her mother had died in a bus accident. Sharon Creech foreshadows this by saying "The bus lay on its side, like an old sick horse," on page 264. She also says "Gram and Gramps wanted to see Momma, who was resting peacefully in Lewiston, Idaho," on page 5.

Gram's Death

At around the end of the story, Sharon Creech foreshadows about Gram's death. She starts at about page 95, when Sal, Gram, and Gramps stop at a river and wade. Then, a poisonous snake bites Gram's ankle, and she says "I do believe it has had a snack out of my leg." Sharon Creech also foreshadows again on page 251, where she says "When Gram spoke, you could here the rattle in her chest."


In Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech foreshadows some major events in the story. She gives you hints about how Mike BIckle, the so-called Lunatic, is actually Mrs. WInterbottom's son. She also foreshadows about how Sal's mom died in a bus accident, and about Gram's death. This method of foreshadowing gives clues to the reader, making them want to read on.