Amazing under water sinkhole in belize.

It's an ATTRACTION and it has SEA LIFE

This world class under water sink hole is an attraction for visitors to go scuba diving. These trips are usually full day trips and guests get to experience the clear waters and see different types of sea life such as nurse sharks ( which are extremely harmless ), giant groupers, and several types of reef sharks. There are also many types of coral fish and amazing coral formations.

Since the sink hole was formed in the last ice age the only fatalities could been animals and early humans. :)

longitude 17.2500 n latitude 88.7667

How sinkholes are formed and how do they work.

This particular sink hole was formed from tectonic plates shifting, causing water to shift and form caverns. When the water moves away the layers of earth become weaker and and the ground falls through. The way this sink hole works is easy since it was created in the last Ice Age period and its been under water since then it has just been eroding away creating deep caverns and Sedimentary rock formations.