Year 3 EPIC Times

April 2015

Unit of Inquiry

How We Express Ourselves

We are looking forward to sharing and celebrating our learning at the Year 3 Exhibition titled Artful Nature, on April 29!

Overview of the event:

8:30am Parents meet for an overview in the G/F Performing Arts Theatre

8:50am Parents view the Gallery and participate in Creative Expression sessions

10:10am Students farewell parents

Throughout the unit, students have been engaged in rich learning engagements and situations that develop understanding of the central idea, key concepts, attitudes and learner profile attributes. As part of this unit of inquiry, students were also offered the oportunity to work with specialist teachers (Music and Drama), classroom teachers and educational assistants exploring a specific art form. Students enjoyed rotating through each introductory session and selected their specialisation independently. The sessions included:

  • Architecture with Mrs. Tuimaka
  • Fashion Design with Mr. Edwards
  • Dance and Relaxation with Mrs. De Guizman and Mrs. Edwards
  • The Art of Andy Goldsworthy with Mrs. Cassel
  • 'Modern Art' Photography with Ms. Bladen
  • Drama with Mr. Donnoli
  • Music with Mr. Burrows

After eleven specialised sessions, students will present their learning as part of the Year 3 Exhibition. Students will also share learning from classroom learning engagements.



Following our investigation into 2D and 3D Shapes, Year 3 are inquiring into Fractions. Currently, we are learning to read, represent, compare, order and record fractions. Students will be exposed to equivalent fractions and also learn to apply the correct mathematical vocabulary to explain their thinking.

Language Arts

Cursive Handwriting

At DC we follow the Handwriting without Tears programme. This programme is sequential and developmental in its approach. Students are exposed to explicit handwriting lessons that model and instruct the formation of letters. At this time of year, students are developing skill in applying the cursive script while maintaining correct pencil grip and posture.

Please open this link, for further information about the Handwriting without Tears programme.

Handwriting without Tears: Print Link
Handwriting without Tears: Cursive Link

New Class Timetable

May 11 - June 26

Due to swimming, each class will receive a new timetable commencing May 11. You will receive a copy of the new timetable next week. Please display the document in a prominent position so that students can prepare for their school day accordingly.

Book Week

Book Week Parade

Information about Book Week can be accessed on Primary DING. Please join this event on Friday 24th at 8:35am in the Entry Courtyard.
BookWeek 2015


Lost and Found

Just a friendly reminder to collect Lost and Found items from the Year 3 tub located near the door outside Mr. Edward's classroom and/or the Lost and Found lockers opposite the PTA Shop.

Stationery Supplies

With Term 3 underway, please ask your child if he/she needs restocking of stationery items such as lead pencils, glue sticks and erasers.