Evaluation and Bibliography

Evaluating the Introduction Project - The Principles of Fashion Retail

Overall I am pleased with the work I have produced throughout this project, although this task has been very simple to comprehend, I think I have managed to go into depth about the various different roles in the fashion business industry.

In the first week of the project I completed the job of discovering the basic background of all the roles (e.g. definition, responsibilities). I began to build up my smore pages and fill in information whilst deciding on smart and professional looking themes and designs.

In the second week I aimed to expand my knowledge and gain a deeper understanding into more details such as work activities, salaries, work hours etc. I focused a lot of my time onto Supply Chain as although I found it the most challanging and least interesting role to analyse, I discovered that there was a lot of information I could include (upstream & downstream, the 5 steps within Supply Chain).

In the third and final week I based my focus on finalising my smore pages and adding in any final details or information to improve my work. I think I have managed my time well throughout this project and used my organisation skills wisely to ensure I have everything completed on time.

Visual Merchandising

I think I have managed to consider a lot of the key information as the role of a VM and add it into my smore page. For example, when I discuss the overall ambience of the store not just the visual elements I have given examples of stores that really take into consideration other elements than just how it looks. I also analysed two window displays of typical high street stores and examined what look good about them and what I think could be improved. I could have improved this by expanding my sources of information, for example using a book of visual merchandising from the library or used primary information from a staff member who works as a VM.

Retail Store Manager

Personally, I think this smore has room for the most improvement, although I have included all the basic information and analysed three images of a retails in-store layout (e.g. strengths & weaknesses), I struggled to find information that is more in-depth about the role. I perhaps could have avoided this by using books as a different source of information or collected primary data/examples from high street stores.

Supply Chain Manager

I found supply chain the hardest to find out the basic information such as the overall job role responsibilities and working hours, on the other hand I discovered a lot of information about the process of Supply Chain and how it works. I researched into the steps involved in Supply Chain and whether they were part of the Upstream or Downstream process. Improvement could have took place by using other information from books or online newspaper articles, this would have allowed me to find a deeper understanding into the Supply Chain job role.

Marketer and PR

I think this page contains the most information as it not only includes both the role of a Marketer and PR but also the social media side of marketing. I think that I have managed to define these three roles well and in detail in my own words and I have also included examples of the top 5 brands that use social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I used both the internet and books for this smore page because I found a very interesting book by Dan S. Kennedy about the best plan to marketing strategies. I could have improved this smore page by giving an example of a PR/Marketer for a high end brand or discussing how they use their social media sites.



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