The Dewey Decimal System

What is the Dewey Decimal System?

The Dewey Decimal System helps organize nonfiction books so that books on the same subject will be shelved together. Melvil Dewey created this system back in 1876.
Dewey Decimal System Explained (Library Science)
Introductin to the Dewey Decimal System
Dewey for Kids
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000-099 - General Works

Encyclopedias, Almanacs, Record Books
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200-299 - Religion

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300-399 - Social Science

Government, Holidays, Folklore, Fairy Tales (398) Education, Community

400-499 - Language

English and Foreign Language, Sign language, dictionaries
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500-599 - Natural Science

Math, Chemistry, Biology, Weather, Rocks, Plants, Animals in nature

600-699 - Applied Science

Inventions, Health, Transportation, Cooking, Pets
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700-799 - Fine Arts and Recreation

Crafts, Art, Drawing, Painting, Music, Games, TV, Movies, Sports
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800-899 - Literature

Short stories, Plays, Jokes, Poetry, Riddles
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900-999 - History and Geography

Countries, Flags, Historical Events, Biographies
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The Dewey Decimal Rap