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Everything you need to have a successful facebook event

Below are the daily post for running a week long facebook GROUP (not an event). And here is the quick dropbox link with all the graphics for easy uploading https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zmz332at1cd3zfb/AABacbJ9dK3V7dfSCis8CSS-a?dl=0


You can pre-schedule all the posts/pictures that way the event runs itself and all you have to do is engage with your guest, manage the comments, build relationships, find business builders, book out more virtual events, and take orders!!

Go to your group... as long as you are set-up as an admin. Write your post. Add your picture. Instead of pushing the blue post button in the bottom right corner, you push the little clock next to it and you can pick the date and time the post will go live in your group!!

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I suggest doing a larger event for your region. Have a 5 leaders each take a day of scheduling posts. Encourage your team to participate, tag, and help with answering questions or adding some content to the event!

At the end of the event since we had over 300 people in the group... we turned it into our VIP group. And now at the end of every FB event we ask if they would like to be added to our VIP group!!

Cover Photo -

Post right when event is created

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Description of the Group:


Over $200 in give-aways. Games. Prizes. Fun.

Add your friends and join in the fun as we will be sharing all things wellness. Skincare tips and our must-have favorites! Nutrition & healthy living.

Post right when event is created

*Feel free to change up prizes for your budget, whats new and exciting, or whatever you have on hand!

Welcome new friends!!!

This party is going to kick off Monday the 15th... we will be sharing our most favorite skincare must haves! Those self-care products that just make life better. And some tips and tools to keep you feeling your healthiest!!


Did I mention over $200 in give-aways.

So make sure to accept the invite and check out the posts with some 'housekeeping' information today!!!

The first give-away goes like this... for every friend you invite that joins the group and you... you will also get another ticket into the raffle!! Be sure to let your consultant know who you added!!

Also, make sure to participate... increasing your chances to win free things (who doesn't like free things?!?!)

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Post right when event is created


It’s so much more fun to be engaged BUT, it also helps you earn free product!


Here’s the step by step for how to turn the notifications on so you can make sure you don’t miss a thing!!

1st three photos are from your phone... last photo is from your computer.


Before Event begins

Here’s how the participation points will work over the next 5 days!!

The winner will get a free box of.... fizzies!!! .

1 point - commenting or asking a question on a post

10 points - Engaging in a live

20 points - Place an order

5 points extra - Signing up as a preferred client

10 points extra - Signing up as a consultant

Are you a pomegranate or citrus fan?!?!

Before Event Begins



My name is Rose and I'm gonna be running this event along with my amazing team!!

Feel free to reach out to me or your independent consultant/friend who invited you if you need anything!

A little about me. I'm a full time mama to two girls... one sweet little munchkin and one who keeps me on my toes haha.

My husband is a captain for Cal Fire which means I am a single mom most of the time. My education is in business and entrepreneurship. Having children was an inflection point for me to look into a business where I could earn an income while having flexibility around my family... Arbonne checked all the boxes of what I was looking for in products, compensation, community, culture, and standards.

I love everything fitness and health, I love inspiring others and making a positive impact in the lives of others whether empowering people in health, heart, mindset, or lifestyle... that's my mission and Arbonne is the vehicle that helps me live that mission.

Please ask questions, interact, and let's have fun!!!

Arbonne gives me another avenue to help people, so please ask questions, interact and let's have fun !!!

What's your story???

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Before Event begins

Arbonne is a health and wellness company started 40 years ago

We focus on healthy living from the inside & out

We have a VERY strict ingredient policy

We have numerous certificates

We have a phenomenal membership opportunity

We have an uncanny money back guarantee

And we have amazing studies and research to back it all up!

Check us out and comment what stands out most⤵⤵


Night Before

Write a post and tag all the new members to the group. There's a button on the righthand column to do this.


Welcome all... I am so so stoked you are here! Make sure to turn your notifications on so you don't miss anything!!!

Are you brand new to Arbonne, already love and use the products, or somewhere in between??

Night Before

*Create a poll

If I could wave my magic skincare wand ... what would you improve??

sun or age spots



Lifting and tightening

Dark circles under eyes

Dryness/ hydration





Day 1 - 5am

Alright today is the day! We are kicking off this shindig!! Make sure to click the notifications for this group and select see all so you don't miss out on anything!

And check out the points guide to see how you can rack up points for earning free product!!

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Day 1 - 6am

Since everyone wants to know what a fizz stick is... let's just fill you in on this goodness right now!!


This is probably our most popular nutrition item... and I swear I don’t know how I survived life without them!

They help promote natural alertness and endurance.

They contain 55 MG of naturally derived caffeine from botanicals of green tea and ginseng.

Low calorie and non-gmo.

They contain antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Great alternative for coffee, energy drinks and soda

Currently in 3 flavors: citrus, pomegranate, and strawberry

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Day 1 - 7am

Why Arbonne?

We have a VERY strict ingredient policy

Check out just some of the over 2,000 ingredients banned from our products



Mineral Oils



Chemical dyes or fragrances


Our Nutrition line is:

Gluten free

Dairy free

Soy free

Nothing artifical... no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

Anything that disrupts the hormonal system, anything that spikes our blood sugar, anything that has been linked to cancer we BAN!

Plus, this list is ALWAYS growing!!!

We have numerous certificates:

Non-GMO, Vegan, gluten free, cruelty- free, kosher, B-corp

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Day 1 - 8am

Where do you land on this chart?!?
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Day 1 - 9am

Healthy Aging line

No matter what your age, we all want smooth, soft skin that looks radiant and healthy. But the reality is, our skin is aging every day. The baby-soft, glowing skin that we’re born with begin to change over time — by sheer nature, as well as environmental aggressors

This line uses sustainable orange stem cells, stabilized vitamins C, brown algae extract, sea buckthorn ceramide and peptides to give you gold standard ingredients, top notch clinical results at a department store price

This line has truly changed my skin!! Check out my live at 4pm to learn about each of the products!!

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Day 1 - 10am

Looking for some hydration

The skin is one of our body’s water reservoirs, holding approximately 10% of our water for functional hydration. When the skin is well-hydrated, it can appear smooth, plump and radiant.

The Arbonne Bio-Hydria regimen of products has been created for everyone — both men and women — who are looking for products that deliver on the skin’s fundamental need for one thing: hydration. The products are all simple, easy to use and effective in delivering andretaining skin moisture.

Our proprietary Edulis Cellular Water enables skin to receive intensive, deep-down hydration while pooling critical moisture within. Together with Aloe Vera in the formula, the products flood the skin with water, which is then absorbed like a sponge to trap the moisture in, reducing “dermal evaporation.” The products never feel heavy or dense on the skin!

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Day 1 - 11am

Here's another fun fact about Arbonne!

Arbonne announced at the beginning of 2020 that we became a Certified B Corporation. What does it mean to be a B Corporation? It signifies that we balance people, planet and profit through our business, and we meet the standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

You can feel great being a part of a company that has a positive impact on the planet, our community, and future generations!!

Day 1 - 12pm

Arbonne is a health and wellness company started 40 years ago

We focus on healthy living from the inside & out

We have a VERY strict ingredient policy

We have numerous certificates

We have a phenomenal membership opportunity

We have an uncanny money back guarantee

And we have amazing studies and research to back it all up!

Check out our newest online catalog below ⤵⤵

Day 1 - 1pm

Skin Elixir

Working on your skin, nails and hair from the inside out got even easier with this delicious drink!!

Hyaluronic acid to help maintain skin elasticity, smooth texture, plumpness and healthy looking skin along with stronger hair and nails

100 mg vitamin C
2500 mcg biotin
120 mg hyaluronic acid

10 calories

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Day 1 - 2pm

Which would you pick? These are both two of my favs!!

Dissolve the day face wipes: Remove makeup, sweat and pollution with these compostable cleaning cloths


Micellar water: No rinse, No hassle. Remove impurities from your day and hydrate your skin with micelles and coconut water

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Day 1 - 2:30pm

At 4pm... let’s talk anti-aging
Big picture

Day 1 - 3pm

Go Live - Share the Re9 anti-aging line

Day 1 - 4pm

Acne? These are two powerful products to add into your skincare routine!!

Corrective Acne Treatment Pads: Exfoliate dead skin cells, wipe away surface bacteria and penetrate pores to clear up acne blemishes and reduce excess oil. Lower price point than the resurfacing pads... great for teens!!


Resurfacing pads: Not only will this help with acne but its truly a magical product that improves moisture, elasticity and firmness in 2 weeks. Reduces the look of dark spots and fine lines while gaining smooth even toned skin.

Big picture

Day 1 - 5pm

Go Live

*Share skincare must-haves

facial oil

sheet mask

cellular renewal mask

micellar water

cleansing polish

genius pads

Spot essence

Eye mask gels

Day 1 - 6pm

Sorry, cheese lovers! While it might taste good, your skin isn't a huge fan. Dairy typically goes hand in hand with acne due to the hormones and growth factors in milk. When they enter your body, they can wreak havoc on your own hormones, causing your skin to freak out and result in pimples, as well as exacerbating other skin conditions. Cut it out for a couple weeks and see if you notice a difference.

Anyone else notice dairy breaks out their skin??? I for sure do!!
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Day 1 - 7pm

Where my sensitive skin people at?

It’s safe to say that most of us have dealt with

sensitive skin at some point in our lives. This

common skin concern affects millions in different

ways and in varying degrees — from blotchiness

to uneven tone and irritation.

Reactions such as redness, bumps and skin flaking, Severe dryness, and A tendency toward blushing and skin flushing are all signs of sensitive skin.

This SuperCalm cleansing milk cleansing gently without striping of moisture.

The SuperCalm Skin Relief Serum support the skin’s renewal process and helps to improve the appearance

of skin texture and tone.

The SuperCalm Soothing Hydrator moisturizes while helping skin retain hydration to resist drying and irritation while staying calm and looking stress-free.

Great after being in the sun too!

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Day 1 - 8pm

Tomorrow is all about healthy living...

Magic wand time... If my magic wand could wave and improve anything about your health what would you improve?

Fit tone body

Weight Management

More Energy

More muscle

Less bloating

Better sleep

Less inflammation and joint pain

Clearer thinking

Better bowels

Day 2 - 5am

Today is all about Healthy Living from the inside out!!

Our 30 days to HL program is about learning what foods work for your individual body, pinpointing food sensitivities, eating hormonally balanced and eating consistently in order to fuel your metabolism, increasing nutrient density and creating better habits to improve overall wellbeing.

What products below do you want to learn more about??

Big picture

Day 2 - 6am


Our Tea plays a HUGE role in your body balancing, so don’t skimp on it! This stuff cleans your filter (liver/kidneys) and allows them to aid in flushing the system.

Drink it hot or cold.

Great at night to curb snacking.

And the best is a morning tizzy... Citrus fizz + Detox tea... Who's tried a Tizzy?!?!

DAY 2 - 7am

Our ginger lemon body cleanse

This packet is best mixed in 32 oz of warm water, dissolved and then ice added. It’s even tastier with strawberry fizz! {think strawberry lemonade}

The body cleanse should be consumed over a 4-6 hour period with the goal of half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day. Some people split the packet into 2 - 32 oz bottles

It’s gentle enough for daily use and won’t make you race to the bathroom

With key minerals, herbs and fruits it uses what nature provides for us to support your GI system, aide your liver in detoxification of your body and soothes your stomach during the process.

Who needs a cleanse??

Day 2 - 8am

*Post this game when you can be attentive to your phone as you will be updating the image in "over" app and it can go quickly

$100 ARBONNE GIFT CARD ($100 off retail!)

This should be fun!!! Who’s up for Arbonne Bingo?!?

Here’s how it will work! Comment below which numbers you want (B4,N1, & E8) and venmo me @Rose-west-4

I will mark your initials on the image and continue to post updated images.

Once the board is filled... I will put all the numbers in a hat and have my girls help me pick the winner!!!

Big picture

Day 2 - 9am

Protein Powder

This is how I start my Morning!!

The heartbeat of your 30-days is right here! These shakes are full MEAL REPLACEMENTS. Mix is 8-10 oz of water or UNSWEETENED plant milk (almond, coconut, flax, hemp, oat milk). Add your favorite (approved) fruits, veggies and healthy fats for extra yumminess and healthy benefits. Check out the recipes in the FILES tab and play around with them until you find combos as your 'go to' There are so many options to fulfill your taste buds. A solid, daily protein shake regimen is one healthy habit you'll want to continue long after your focused 30 Day program.

TIP: Try this when you get a sweet tooth

2 frozen bananas
1 scoop Arbonne chocolate protein powder
Almond milk
In a food processor put the frozen bananas, protein powder, and just a training bit of almond milk and mix! Add almond milk little by little until it's the right texture - don't go crazy! Too much will water it down too much ;)Garnish with your favorite fruit or seed toppings! YUM!

Day 2 - 10am

Now that you know about both products

This or that !?!

Big picture

Day 2 - 11am

While there are not many foods I hate... I will say I refuse to eat at most fast food restaurants., twinkies or anything like it, nachos cheese sauce because I probably wouldn't leave the bathroom, Mayonnaise, and cow milk especially eggnog. There's probably more haha!


Big picture

Day 2 - 12pm

Daily Protein Boost

Daily Protein Boost delivers 10 grams of plant-based protein from pea, rice and cranberry, without any added sugar or flavors, for maximum flexibility. Add a scoop to an Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake, PhytoSport™ After Workout, or to other foods or beverages to increase your daily protein intake. Protein helps support a feeling of fullness, which helps those on a weight management regimen.

Cook with this, bake with it, add it to soups or sauces, and my personal favorite it use one scoop of flavored protein and 1 scoop of boost to build your morning shakes and cut down even more on sugars!!

How does one make an all protein boost shake??

I get this question a lot!

Here’s the basic shake:
-2 scoops boost
-1tsp vanilla extract
-2tsp stevia or a dipper of liquid stevia
-1TBL almond butter

... add from here. Sweet potato, lemon, cucumber, jalapeño, pumpkin, mint, cocao powder, fruit, spinach, basil, or whatever you fancy

Day 2 - 1pm


Mom always said to eat your veggies!! Greens Balance makes this easy with 36 different fruits and veggies dehydrated... it's a rainbow of fruits and veggies!!

This will increase your nutrient density, help alkalize your body, and give a natural energy boost.

Easily added to your protein shakes, mixed in with an Energy Fizz, or just mixed with water. You can also blend this into any baking mix, add to an egg bake or scramble, etc. A fantastic way to boost your veggie intake and get all those powerful nutrients many of us lack in our daily diet.

Big picture

Day 2 - 2pm

Big picture

Day 2 - 3pm

*Healthy Living Live explaining the program

Day 2 - 4pm

Where's my workout peeps at?!?!

This line gets you energized for your workout, helps you complete it with maximum effort and then helps you recover faster to get back to it the next day

I've noticed a huge difference in my fitness game using this line.

Pre-work out to give you functional energy to sustain your workout

Hydration is full of electrolytes to keep you hydrated while working out (or sunbathing on the beach)

After workout to help with muscle recovery and building muscle

Which one do you need to step up your workout game?

Big picture

Day 2 - 7pm

Many people don’t realize that fatigue, foggy thinking, poor sleep, excess weight (especially around the stomach, hips and thighs) AND even aging skin indicate nutritional deficiencies that can be reversed. Adopting a healthier lifestyle for you and your family can be easy to talk about but difficult to get started without a PLAN. The Healthy Living Program is simple to follow and therefore, simple to complete. We have a community of support, materials and a personal coach to ensure your success.

Our goal is to have you feeling great in 30 days or less!

Big picture

Day 3 - 6am

*Create a poll

If you could only have one make-up item... what would it be?!?!



Brow pencil

Eye liner

Lip stick


Tinted Moisturizer


Eye shadow


Day 3 - 7am

Today is all about makeup!!

First up is our 5- minute face deal

CC cream: this is a must for me a tinted moisturizer with primer, sun protection and pollution protection is perfect for everyday wear

Speak volumes mascara: can be worn for natural look or layered for serious volume

Eye brow pencil: easy to use and makes you look so much more “put together”

I’m currently loving Apricot for the blush and Calla for lipgloss

Big picture

Day 3 - 8am

Arbonne's Newest Limited-edition Cherry Blossom set so gorgeous.

The pink and rose gold shades complement each other and accentuate your natural features and the vegan formulas are packed with skin-loving botanicals and extracts — so you can feel great and look stunning


Day 3 - 9am

Which one would you choose??

This: Dual ended, multi-purpose highlight stick accentuates and defines your best features. This silky duo glides gently over foundation adding radiance without streaking your makeup. Use Pearl to highlight and Bronze to give you an effortless glow.


That: Glow with multi-use powders that can be used to highlight, blush, bronze, and contour.

Big picture

Day 3 - 10am

Which color palette catches your eye?? I tend to be more earthy! But on occasion I've been known to pump up my jam.
Big picture

Day 3 - 12pm

One of the coolest things about Arbonne is the packaging

Check out the airless pumps!

You get all of the product that you’ve paid for! It rises to the top!

2 different products below! Left is an old foundation and new one! And to the right an empty brightening eye cream you can open and see the bottom!

These products last so much longer because they're portion controlled and you can get every last drop... no need to cut the end off or start digging with the q-tip!!

Day 3 - 1pm

What kind of coverage do you prefer?

This: Multitasking liquid foundation with skin-firming properties helps lift the appearance of facial contours, smooth and even skin tone, while providing sun protection. This one gives more of a full coverage!


That: 13-in-1 CC Cream contains mineral SPF and creates a breathable "second skin" to protect you from everyday pollution as small as PM 2.5 microns. Lightweight formula camouflages skin imperfections with medium coverage for a radiant finish.

Big picture

Day 3 - 5pm

Lipstick or Lipgloss... That is the question?!?!

And if you use one of Arbonne's currently ... what's your favorite shade?!?
Big picture

Day 3 - 8pm

*Make a Poll

What do you want to hear about tomorrow?

Sunless tanner

Spa products

Baby products

Body firming creme

True hair

Men’s products

Body care

Sports nutrition

Essential oils

Day 4 - 6am

This is a summer must-have!! After a day in the sun... this lotion revitalizes my skin.

A fresh way to cool down. This cooling gel can be rubbed on to help soothe tired muscles, as well as provide hydration for soft, smooth-looking skin thanks to green algae. Juniper berry fruit oil helps replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier, as aromatic lavender and tangerine peel oils promote a sense of balance and peace.

Anyone have summer plans that involve some sunshine?!?!

Big picture

Day 4 - 9am

Another favorite product here!

Life is better with a tan. And Arbonne's tinted self-tanner adds an instant bronze and fully-develops in 2 hours.

No stinky smell.

Doesn't turn you orange.

My favorite is mixing this with Arbonne's body firming creme and applying 1x per week... makes for the best sun-kissed skin!!

Big picture

Day 4 - 12pm

These delightfully fragranced washes, lotions, body butters, and lip care will make you feel like you've just arrived on a tropical island vacation!!

The coconut body butter and vanilla bean lip scrub and salve are my favs!!!

Let's just say using this line could magically transport you to any vacation destination... where would you be?!?!

Big picture

Day 4 - 1pm

This lotion. You just have to try it to know that it truly stands out from all other lotions in the history of lotions!!

Cellulite or stretch marks... this is your lotion!

Firming anyone???

Big picture

Day 4 - 3pm


Swag bag of surprise Arbonne products (Valued around $60)!!

Here's the details: Share on your personal social media at least one Arbonne product you love and tag your consultant (If you don't know who that is... ask me!)

Once you've posted and tagged... come mark "DONE" on this post!!

Pic - Post a "share the love" GIF

Day 4 - 4pm

Whether you have babies, toddlers, big kids, or just adults in your house... This line is great in so many ways!!

Diaper rash creme... so many mom testimonies of loving this creme for their babes but this gem is not just for bums... also great on rashes, chaffing, or bites.

Our whole fam bam uses the sunscreen!

Sensitive skin peeps... this lotion is a great choice!

And the gentle wash is great for babies, sensitive skin peeps, and I also love washing my make-up brushes with it.

How old are your littles?!?!

Big picture

Day 4 - 5pm

We even have a small but mighty line of essential oils...

100% pure essential oils with no added fillers or synthetics.

Currently we have:


Lavender (My fav)


Tea Tree

Focus Blend

Harmony Blend (Also a favorite)

Warrior Blend

Big picture

Day 4 - 6pm

Oily skin? Excess sebum? Large pores?

This French pink clay formula draws out impurities like a magnet, resulting in smaller-looking pores. Psst, use the Liquid Foundation Brush to apply an even layer without the mess!

This one makes for a great spa day/night!! When's the last time you had one of those?!?!

Big picture

Day 4 - 7pm

Love these 3 products from Arbonne's Rescue and Renew line... These are some holistic self care products that are easy to get behind! \

This is the best smelling massage oil! Did I mention it seconds as a bug repellent?!?!

And the scrub is great for the feet during sandal season, perfect for elbows and knees and did I mention the grapefruit scent from essentials oils is divine!!

And those bath salts leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth!!

Big picture

Day 4 - 8pm

Are you a good sleeper? Or to you struggle to sleep?

If you struggle with falling asleep (brain just won't shut down!) or achieving deep restful sleep once you are 'lights out', take a look at Arbonne Essentials® SleepWell Spray. It just might be the little extra boost you need! With it's non-addictive formula and efficacious dose of melatonin + targeted botanicals, it's a naturally lemon-flavored spray that:

• supports a restful night’s sleep

• supports the body's natural sleep mechanism

• promotes restorative sleep and healthy sleep patterns

Try it! Your health, energy, mind, mood, family, co-workers and other drivers on the road will THANK YOU!!!

Big picture

Day 5 - 5am

Happy Friday!!! Today we wrap up this event with all the ways you can get involved and a few things we may have missed... Like these two...

Which snack option would go over well in your household?

Fit Chews: Having a craving? Pop one of these bite-size, delicious Fit Chews to help control cravings while keeping energy levels sustained


Protein Snack Bars: Delicious! These bars contain 10 grams of plant-based protein and 4 grams of fiber and come in Dark chocolate & sea-salt or Iced Lemon flavor

Big picture

Day 5 - 7am

What"s currently on your Arbonne wishlist?!?

Pic: Use a wishlist GIF

Day 5 - 8am

*Post this game when you can be attentive to your phone as you will be answering "yes" and "no" to everyone's guesses


WORKING CONSULTANTS... you don’t get to play this one!!

Big picture

Day 5 - 9am

Who doesn't like to get the best deal?!?!

Check out our preferred client (VIP) membership

20-40% off all items
Free shipping on orders over 150 retail
Free gifts


When you're ready to shop, it's easy.

I always recommend new people contact their independent consultant directly to make sure you get the best deal

*Share website URL

Big picture

Day 5 - 10am

TRUESTYLE Defining Curl Cream-
✨Lightweight formula creates a perfectly defined, long-lasting wave, curl or coil.
✨Provides a hydrating barrier to protect against frizz or damage caused from heat, styling, or humidity.
✨Leaves hair soft to the touch, never stiff or sticky
✨Enriched with naturally derived, plant-based ingredients to showcase hair’s natural beauty
✨Fragrance derived from natural botanicals and essential oils. Ideal for use with curly, wavy or coily hair

TRUESTYLE Texturizing Pomade
✨ Delivers medium-hold with a soft, natural-looking finish to help create hair styles with texture and definition
✨Creamy consistency applies easily without stickiness, helping to deliver a smooth style with a soft finish that holds throughout the day
✨Supports hair strength with essential moisture
✨Fragrance derived from natural botanicals and essential oils

TRUESTYLE Anti-Frizz Dry Oil
✨Minimizes the look of frizz & keeps your hair hydrated
✨Protects hair from damage caused by heating tools

Big picture

Day 5 - 11am

Big picture

Day 5 - 12pm

I'm also obsessed with this brush set. Love the super-soft feel and natural wood handles - plus they come in a chic canvas case with a pocket for makup extras. Six brushes: Liquid Foundation, Powder, All Over Eye, Shading, Slant and Cheek.

And at $40 retail for this 6 piece brush set... That's a deal

Big picture

Day 5 - 1pm

In case you were wondering if you should get that Re9 anti-aging set?!?!
Big picture

Day 5 - 2pm

Man oh man!

Men need some selfcare too! This line is great and comes with a Micro-exfoliating cleanser, Moisturizer with SPF, eye creme, shave gel, and after-Creme, and after-shave lotion!

My husbands tends to be a simple guy but loves the shave-creme because as a fire fighter he has to shave a lot. And I've got him using the moisturizer with SPF because he would constantly burn himself while working or training outdoors.

Does you man need one of these?!?

Big picture

Day 5 - 4pm

If you're like me and always want the best bang for your buck...

These value packages are the way to go!! 40% off plus you can pick a gift from the free gift list if you're a new preferred client!

... that's what I'm talk 'bout!!

Day 5 - 5pm

Where you at??

Big picture

Day 5 - 6pm

Is your Wishlist bigger than your budget?!?

Host an online event like this with your independent consultant where you invite your friends and you get to earn some sweet rewards!!

Tag your consultant below and let them know you're in!!

Big picture

Day 5 - 7pm

What do these 4 have in common???

One is a baby boomer & grandma!
One is a personal trainer/father
One is a Millennial/ Gen Y & pharmacy school student!
One lives on a farm & is Amish.

🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️any guesses?!!!!

THEY ALL ARE VP’s with Arbonne!!

Arbonne is for anyone who has a dream. It’s for anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s for anyone who knows there is MORE to life than what they are currently living! It’s for hard working, driven men and women who have a heart to make a difference in the lives of others!

This company is for anyone and everyone who wants more!!! No matter your age or gender or background!!! 🙌

Did you know Arbonne is hiring?!? We would love to have you be a part of our dynamic growing team 🙌

Comment below if you want more info or you'd be up to learn more! Free gift for anyone who sets up a call or video chat to learn more!!

Big picture

Day 6 - 9am

Go Live

Tile it "Wrapping Up"

Share your story drip the biz. Last call to get orders in and rack up more points toward the drawing

Ideally 10 minutes or less
Share your story -

Why Arbonne & whats it's done or doing for your life
Briefly touch on the Arbonne product difference and products... remember they've already learned a lot about the products from the event posts.

Share the biz and compensation plan

Common hesitations

Day 6 - 11am

Thinking about this biz???


Through out the event

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Have your team do a thank you post for every person that orders during the event. this gets the ball rolling and so fun to blow up the event with gratitude posts!!

Also if someone joins the team... post their pic and make a big deal announcing, welcoming, and congratulating them in the group event!